EoP – Part 92

Echoes of Power

Part 92

Alexandre chuckled as he turned around the corner and slowed down, resuming his usual walking pace. He looked behind him just in case, with Bryan one was never too careful, but once he made sure his best friend wasn’t following him he took out his phone. He had in fact taken a picture of his best friend during the morning class but not, as he had said to taunt the dark-haired teen, of him drooling but rather of him looking at Cassandre with a strange expression on his face.

“Huh, he does seem captivated, doesn’t he…” He muttered before locking the screen and putting the device back in his pocket. “Oh well, this’ll do nicely anyways if I ever need to threaten him a bit…”

Alexandre let out a small chuckle at the thought. True, he would probably never use it against Bryan, but his best friend had a nice look on that picture and he wasn’t about to get rid of it. The dark-haired teen really seemed interested in that girl though, Alexandre could see why, sort of. She was pretty and had that mysterious air about her after all.

“But why so quickly?” He muttered to himself.

That bugged him slightly. Oh Bryan was interested in a girl’s appearance, that much he knew, he just had to think back to the summer holidays and the time they had spent at the beach to confirm that fact, but the light-haired teen also knew that Bryan usually looked beyond simple appearances. His best friend was also a man of the mind, not just of the body. So why her? Strangely the question seemed to interest him more than he thought it would have, or should have. Bryan was his own man and could do what he wanted after all… Plus he couldn’t get jealous over something like that when he himself had met a pretty and extremely interesting girl, could he…?

He shook his head and sighed. No. If Bryan wanted to try to get the redhead’s attention he had nothing to say against that, moreover being Bryan’s best friend his job was to help him get the girl, and he would if his friend asked him to. But perhaps he was overthinking this. It was only the first day and they hadn’t even properly met yet, perhaps she was just a passing fantasy of his best friend’s and would start t fade from his mind overtime. Or perhaps they would get together someday in the future. He couldn’t know. The only thing he could do was to go with whatever happened, good or bad.

Meh. It’ll be fine… Just as the thought popped up in his mind, Alexandre heard a low growl coming from his left and only had the time start turning his head before being hurt by something hard and feeling himself fly into a side alley. Damn it! I had to jinx it didn’t I… He only had time to think before he landed painfully on the ground in a loud thump. He could even have sworn he had heard a nasty cracking sound coming from his side.

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