EoP – Part 93

Echoes of Power

Part 93

Everything became blurred for a moment. His ears started ringing and he felt the taste of blood fill up his mouth. Alexandre groaned as he tried to get back to his knees, the rough concrete felt really hard under his hands. He stumbled,almost falling back down, but somehow managed get up, slowly regaining his balance. His first instinct was to think that the voice was acting up again, that he was going to an extremely acute episode but something felt wrong. The hot drops of liquid in his mouth, the taste of lead and the searing pain in his chest each time he tried to breathe. Plus he couldn’t catch any of the usual intonations of the voce. No, something was wrong. This was worse, way worse.

The teenager looked around, trying to find out what had happened exactly, the world around him was fuzzy and seemed to move around him like he was on a high-speed carousel. He took a tentative step and stumbled forward, his head was spinning so much. He leaned against the well next to him and tried to catch his breath and calm his mind. The pain in his chest flared up each time he took in the much-needed oxygen, it was almost certain he had at least one or two broken ribs, but slowly his vision cleared up and he managed to distinguish what was around him. He was in a small alley, not more than a couple of meters wide and framed by the high grey walls of buildings.

The ringing in his ears started fading away and he was about to sigh in relief but it died in his throat as he heard a low growl coming from in front of him. Alexandre turned his head and finally noticed the small dark creature that was slowly crawling up to him. Oh shit… no no no, not again! He started to panick. It was exactly the same as the previous time. Small, with long arms, covered in pitch black fur and looking at him with glowing white eyes. It cocked its head to the side and emitted another growl, its mouth opening in a large predatory smile. Its teeth long, sharp and blood-red, as if it had just drank the blood of some poor creature. Perhaps another person…

“What…” He started, his throat burning and the ache near his ribs impeding his ability to speak. “What do you want you fucker…?” He managed to ask.

The creature did not respond but Alexandre could swear he saw a flash of hatred in its eyes. It took a few slow steps forward, closing in on him.

“Wasn’t last time enough for you?!” Exclaimed Alexandre, raising his voice as loud as he could, which didn’t amount to much as his voice cracked, in the hope of someone noticing him.

Surely he couldn’t be alone in the neighborhood. There should be a few passersby in the vicinity who could be able to help, at least by calling the police if not by killing that thing. The creature cocked its head to the other side as he did so, not replying. It took another step forward, stretching its sharp claws as it did. Alexandre took a few steps backwards, trying to reach the other end of the alley and get out of this hell. The creature seemed to have understood what he was trying to do, it gave him another vicious smile and clicked its tongue twice before straightening a little. Alexandre heard two thumps behind him and, as he turned his head around to look behind him, he noticed two moe dark shadows on the other side of the alley, looking at him with their eyes of pure white and emitting low growls.

“Oh shit…” He muttered again, realizing this was probably it.

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