EoP – Part 94

Echoes of Power

Part 94

This was very bad. So very bad. He had had trouble dealing with just one of these and now there were three… Where were they coming out from anyways?! Somehow his mind cleared up and he started analysing the situation as fast as he could. There were two behind him and one in front and they didn’t seem to have come to have a simple chat with him. They were closing in on him, soon he would be reduced into minced meat if he didn’t react. But what was he supposed to do? What could he even do? He had barely managed to get out of his last encounter alive and he didn’t even know how… Oh this was seriously bad… He cringed at the thought. He couldn’t just wait and hope for another miracle to get him out of there, he had to find a solution! But what?!

Alexandre’s mind worked overtime, trying to think of all the solutions he could come up with. He couldn’t run, the creatures were too fast. They were also too strong so he couldn’t just fight his way out. They were intelligent enough to speak or to at least understand him so duping them wasn’t even on the table. Plus they seemed to have some sort of powers too. These things, whatever they were, demons or whatever other supernatural beings, were definitely not normal nor friendly. Damn it! It’s not time to insult them! You have to find a way out of here! He cursed at himself. Plus they might even be able to read your mind you stupid… Great! Now they probably understood that and they are definitely not going to let us get out of this alive…

He had to think fast because in a few seconds time he would be toast. He sighed. I really don’t know how things could get worse… As soon as the thought popped in his mind he regretted it. He didn’t know why but, having seen so many movies, he had a feeling it somehow could. Especially if he thought it couldn’t. And indeed it could get worse as the teenager realized a few moments later when the three creatures started circling around him slowly, each of them emitting low menacing growls, and he heard the voice starting to act up in his mind.

“Damn it!” He cursed out loud. “Always in the right moments…”

As the voice became louder and louder int he back of his mind, gradually taking over his thoughts, he saw the three creatures tighten the circle around him and getting closer, ready to strike. He tensed up. His time was up, if he didn’t act now he was going to die. But trying to use his power in conditions like this was suicidal. Even if he knew that it was somehow the only chance he had to defend himself or at least to get out of this situation, Alexandre knew it was suicidal to try to use it at that moment. No matter how confident he had become with using his ability he was sure he couldn’t take on three creature, of which he had barely survived an encounter with one a few days before, at once. And especially not with such an ability… No, this was definitely not good…

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