EoP – Part 95

Echoes of Power

Part 95

The creature on his left and the one in front of him suddenly both sprang towards him at the same time, their claws drawn out and ready to rip his limbs off. Alexandre reacted instinctively, protecting his head with his arms and jumping between them, landing heavily ont he ground in front of him with a loud thud. It was the surprise more than the shock itself that emptied his lungs of the air they contained. He panicked for a moment, unable to breathe, wondering if he had been badly hurt, before the much-needed oxygen finally entered his chest again. He realized he was on his knees and quickly stood up before looking around him, trying to locate the creatures. They surrounding him once more, a little farther than a few instants before, circling around him with wide wicked smiles and their claws drawn out.

Alexandre frowned for a second, trying to understand what had happened, how he had managed to evade that attack and why he was still alive when he understood what was going on. It suddenly clicked in his mind and the realization made him incredibly scared and quite furious at the same time. They were playing with him! They were just toying with their prey, taking their time and enjoying their kill! He felt his blood start to boil and, despite the voice getting louder and louder in his mind, he tried to focus on each word it had been speaking to him over the years and that he remembered. The teenager also racked his brain in the hope of remembering what exactly had happened during his encounter with the first creature.

“What happened to that monster? Damn it, focus Alex, try to remember…” He muttered to himself, eyeing the three bloodthirsty demon-like beings that were still circling him, slowly closing in on him.

He could still feel the pain in his chest as the sharp claws had sunk deep into his flesh, the feeling of helplessness that had followed and the certainty he was going to die at that time. But that was all, he couldn’t for his life remember how he had managed to survive such wounds and what had happened to the creature to prevent it from killing him. This thought momentaneously caused a cold shiver to course through his body and he froze. He was in the same situation – no, not the same, worse, – right now and he had no other way to act that by using something he didn’t understand and didn’t know if it would work… If only his ability wasn’t limited to slowing things down, if only he could, like, make things explode… Then the situation wouldn’t be as helpless as it was now. And he might even be able to do something to get out of it…

But right now he was limited in his actions. He could, of course, try to slow the demons (he didn’t know if that was what they really were but they sure did look the part!) but how to capitalize on something like that? How could he use it in his advantage to extricate himself from this dire situation? Plus he wouldn’t be able to use it for very long and not on all three of them at once. IF it even worked on the creatures… He saw movement in the corner of his eye, one of the three demons was getting ready to jump at him. Damn it! He cursed again, trying to focus on his ability to get ready to react when it would decide to attack.

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