EoP – Part 96

Echoes of Power

Part 96

Alexandre saw the creature tremble slightly as it got ready to pounce at him. His whole body stiffened, tension from the impending knowledge that he was dead if he couldn’t react fast enough threatening to tear his limbs apart. He took in a sharp breath. The monster must have noticed that because he used that exact moment to attack, his small but incredibly powerful legs propelling him forward. The teenager almost closed his eyes but he resisted the urge to cower away. Then a white flash took over his mind and something seemed to click. He felt a wave of electricity course throughout his whole body, leaving his muscles numb. Time seemed to slow down as an idea was burned into his mind.

A word. A single word. One he somehow remembered hearing a long time ago. A word that had been part of the incomprehensible gibberish the voice had been reciting in his head all this time but that suddenly became as clear and obvious as the bright sun in the sky. How could he have not realized it until now? He saw the creature getting closer ever so slowly, it claws ready to tear him apart in a single swift motion. What the hell is going on?! He thought. He couldn’t move his body but somehow his mind felt as if it was on overdrive, or something even stronger, he could suddenly look at the world as if it was a film being played image by image.

That’s when the voice exploded in his mind. He had almost forgotten it but it had not forgotten him. It had been building in intensity since earlier and was now reaching excruciating levels of loudness and pain. He winced internally as each of the words it spoke felt like his mind was getting reduced to shreds. Alexandre felt he was losing his mind. It wasn’t the first time this had happened but it this was by far one of the worst episodes he had ever suffered. He could hear each syllable distinctively but none of it made sense, the coherence of what the voice said was completely lost on him. However this was not what occupied his thoughts.

Rather than trying to understand why it had acted the same the first time he had encountered the monsters and had almost died, the teenager tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he somehow had the certainty he had to use the word he just remembered. It was like the first time, when he had almost broken the glass on the floor. Why? He didn’t know. The only thing he was sure of was that if he didn’t use it he would be dead in an instant without being able to do anything. He the monster was barely half way through its jump. Barely two tenth of a second had passed since the word had been engraved in his mind and yet he felt like he had had an eternity to think about it. What the hell was going on? He had no answers, only questions and it was not time to ask questions. Oh fuck it! He thought as he closed his eyes and focused on what he knew he had to do.

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