EoP – Part 97

Echoes of Power

Part 97

He could see it as clear as day. The image of the ray of burning light that pierced anything in its path. It was as if it happened at that exact moment right before his eyes. He didn’t know how that was possible but he knew what it looked like and he knew that this was what would happen once he said the word. Another wave of electricity coursed throughout his body, it was painful this time and much more powerful than the first one. Fuck! He cursed. He felt his hearing slowly come back first, the sound of the cars driving by in the distance, then he smell of the cold air hit him. He realized the moment was coming to an end, time had somehow felt like it had been suspended but it was over. The had to make a decision, the creature’s body was getting closer and closer. If he didn’t, well… Let’s say he did not want to think about it.

The feeling of having your mind work in overdrive like this, much faster that your body can respond to, is extremely tricky and Alexandre understood it immediately as he tried to raise his hand to protect himself. His body felt like it was made of lead, it wasn’t responding like usual and despite his best effort he was too slow. Time seemed to speed up, slowly returning to its normal state. But the teenager wasn’t ready and he realized he had reacted far too late, he wouldn’t make it in time at this rate. Damn it! He could see the creature closing in and there was nothing he could do about it, at least not in time. He was about to lament on his fate when he felt a third wave of electricity run through his body, this time it felt like his whole insides were being burned and shredded to pieces. At the same moment the voice echoed in his mind louder than ever and he felt like he was going to go unconscious or worse, mad.

He let out a silent cry, cursing whatever god what doing this to him. Suddenly, as time resumed its normal course, his cry echoed in the air only to morph into a single word. The one he had just remembered and that had been burned into his mind. He didn’t understand why it happened, nor how he could’ve done such a feat, but before his arms were fully raised in the air or even before the monster had been able to get close enough to attack, he heard himself shout it out. As if it had been unwillingly pulled out of his mouth. A ray of bright light hit the monster out of nowhere and it was propelled backwards a few meters, falling to the ground with a thud. Alexandre felt himself being pushed back too because of the power of what he had just unleashed, his vision almost going black.

As he tried to get back up he saw the two other monsters growl at him, their feral grin still present, but taking a cautious step back. Alexandre felt completely numb and empty, as if he had just run two marathons in a row. His muscles were trembling heavily and he could barely sit up.

“What the fuck was that…?” He managed to mutter as he looked at the body of the third creature, lying unmoving on the ground, its black fur smoking.

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