EoP – Part 98

Echoes of Power

Part 98

“Human… you will die now…”

Alexandre looked around for a moment, trying to find out who had spoken before realizing the raspy voice belonged to one of the creatures in from of him. Hearing them speak surprised Alexandre a little, he faintly remembered the other one telling him he was foolish during his first encounter but he could have sworn he had heard its thoughts and not is speaking aloud. If this was the case however it was the first positive thing that was coming out of this encounter. At least now he knew he could somehow communicate.

“What…” He started, stopping to take a deep breath as he tried to straighten up a little. “What do you want from me?!” He exclaimed.

The two creatures looked at each other and then turned back towards him. The one on the left cocked its head to the side as its smile got even wider and more vicious. It replied the raspy voice he had heard before, the sound of which was extremely disagreeable and sent shivers in Alexandre’s back.

“Foolish human… we want to devour your heart…” It replied, clicking its blood-red teeth as it opened and closed its mouth.

This made Alexandre even more uncomfortable, he shivered again. He knew these monsters, whatever they were, wanted him dead but knowing they were going to rip his heart out and eat it made him realize the reality of the situation he was in. He was really going to die now… No! He couldn’t let that happen! He was not ready to die! Who is anyway? Damn it! Not the moment! He cursed at himself. He had to do something, whatever he could to get out of this situation! He leaned against a large garbage can behind him, the smell was awful but he couldn’t let himself fall back to the ground.

Running was out of the question, they would catch up in no time and kill him instantly. Up until a few seconds ago he might have thought that everything was lost anyway and would perhaps have tried it or, he might have surrendered to his fate. But things were slightly different now. He was still sure he would die out here, alone, in a back alley, but he would not die without at least fighting back. He had the power to do so, the only thing he lacked was time. He had to gain some time to recover and he might be able to launch that spell again.

He looked at the third creature that was still lying on the ground a few meters back. He didn’t know if it was dead yet but it wasn’t moving so that had to be a good sign. At least what he had done, whatever it was, seemed to be a bit effective. He definitely had to try again! But for that he needed more time… Suddenly a question popped in his mind and he almost smirked at his ingenuity. Almost. He would definitely have if his life wasn’t in the balance. Make them talk. As much as he could. That was the only way.

“And why… why would you want to do that?” He asked, looking directly at the creature’s eyes.

He just needed a few seconds, that was all. He could already feel his strength coming back a little.

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