EoP – Part 99

Echoes of Power

Part 99

“Tsk tsk tsk…” The creature in the middle clicked its tongue angrily a few times. “No more talking. You are not as weak as you appear but we are not as stupid as you think us to be. Your death will be excruciatingly painful…” It added, its smile widening even more if that was possible.

This made Alexandre’s blood freeze. His heart stopped and he felt like he couldn’t breathe for a moment. He had hoped to gain time but had not managed to fool the demon-like beings in front of him, they were too focused on their mission to be distracted. Now he was definitely screwed… The two creatures that were still standing moved towards him slowly, clicking their claws and displaying their sharp red fangs with evil enjoyment. The teenager tried to back away but his legs were too weak, he could barely crawl. This wasn’t going to help at all.

He started panicking. He didn’t feel strong enough to try the spell again quite yet and he couldn’t move. No one seemed to be noticing what was happening so he couldn’t count on help coming from there… He thought about Bryan, but even if he was ready to involve his best friend in whatever fucked up situation this was, he didn’t know if the dark-haired teen could get here in time or if he would even be able to do anything against these creatures. No, he was done for. For good this time, he didn’t have any more trick up his sleeve and if he used his strange power again he would probably die from the exhaustion.

That’s not such a bad idea… he thought. It wasn’t a hero’s death, not that he wanted to face death quite yet, but it was still better than letting these things torture him and eat him alive. All things considered it wasn’t such a bad idea. Wait! Are you really planning to die here?! You’re going to let yourself be killed just like that? After all you’ve done? You can’t just give up now! You still have a way of defending yourself and you’re not even going to try it? At least try it out! What’s there to lose? You’re life? you’re already toast you dumbass… He paused for a moment. Was he really going to give up just like that, after trying so much?

Suddenly he chuckled, remembering an old quote from a movie he had loved a few years back. ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ He had no idea why it had come back to him at that moment, he couldn’t help but find it funny however. How could he find any humorous side to this situation? He didn’t understand it, this was so stupid… Yes. He was stupid, perhaps, but he still didn’t want to give up all hope to these bloody hellish chimps! He sat up and focused on the mental image of what he wanted to do, trying to pour all his might in this final attack. Somehow the two creatures seemed to sense what he wanted to do. They reacted with a growl before moving so fast he almost lost eye contact with them.

Almost. One of them had completely disappeared from his field of vision but he managed to keep an eye on the second one, the one that had spoken. The one that had annoyed him the most. He barely had time to open his palm before a blinding ray of light, so hot it burned his cheeks as it passed by, shot from it and hit the creature he was looking at. It let out a sharp squeal before being pushed back and swallowed in a halo of flames. Alexandre’s vision immediately went completely black and he felt as if his soul was being pulled out of reality. It was like slipping into a deep sleep. Then he felt an intense pain is his chest area and his mind instantly seemed to clear up. He felt himself coming back to his senses and opened his eyes.

His vision was instantly clear again. He saw the two pure white eyes looking directly at him as if they were scrutinizing his soul and realized the third creature was right in front of him. The pain kicked in again and he felt like he was going to pass out once more from its intensity but at the same time it seemed nor matter how strong it was he endured it, like he was forced to stay conscious. He looked at the creature, having trouble breathing, and then his eyes went down to his chest. He would have gasped in horror if he still had enough energy to do so but right now he could only barely managed to take in enough oxygen. What he saw made him want to scream and kick, to get away as quickly as possible, but he couldn’t. He suddenly understood the pain he was feeling without having to really see it for himself. The creature’s arm had pierced his chest and its claws were closed tightly around his heart. He could feel their sharp edges pressing in his flesh each time it beat.

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