EoP – Part 100

Echoes of Power

Part 100

“Oh no no no… You are not dying yet human First, you must suffer…” The creature said with a wicked chuckle.

Its face was so close that Alexandre could feel its burning breath on his skin, it smelled of smoke and blood, as if it had soaked its mouth in the red liquid. Alexandre wanted nothing more than to get away from it as far away as possible but he was paralyzed, he couldn’t even cringe at the foul smell. He was but a spectator to his own life now.

“I would enjoy killing you myself but I must share…” The creature was looking directly in his eyes as it said that, as if it was trying to swallow his soul into its white orbs.

There was a moment of silence before the demon-like being turned its head towards its two comrades still lying on a the ground and raised its free hand in the air, it held two small dark crystals in its palm, and muttered a few words. Alexandre saw the two crystals dissolve into two small clouds of smoke which floated over to the other creatures and seemed to seep into their bodies. A few seconds passed with nothing happening and the teenager was almost starting to relax when he saw the chest of the one on the right start to move up and down. Then the same thing happened to the second one and they both had a quick coughing fit before they started moving again. They slowly stood up and looked around as if trying to get their bearing back. Then they noticed him and the creature that had him at its mercy. They bared their fangs in an ugly and vicious smile before slowly getting closer with excited growls.

“Stupid human, thinking you could kill us so easily…” Said the creature on the left, clicking its tongue, before suddenly planting its claws in the teenager’s thigh.

Alexandre couldn’t help shouting loudly, firstly because of the sharp pain that suddenly spread in his body but it quickly changed into a cry of frustration at the fact that he couldn’t move and not react to that. The monster simply chuckled mockingly as it saw the dark look Alexandre shot him. It seemed to be enjoying torturing him, toying with its prey. The teenager knew that this was just the beginning and that there was nothing he could do about it. He tried to focus his power but, whether he was still too weak or their control on him was simply too strong, he didn’t get any result.

“Try…” Said the creature that had its claws around his heart in a menacing tone as he tried.

It must’ve noticed what he was trying to do. Alexandre wanted to retort something clever but he felt too weak to even do that. This was the end. For real this time. Then the creature in the center started muttering again, as if it was reciting a spell. It closed its eyes, focusing, and the teenager felt an intense pain around his heart again but this time it was even worse than before and it seemed to be slowly spreading to his chest and to become more  and more intense.  He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of making him suffer too easily. He felt his mind fade away and knew that he wouldn’t be able to endure it much longer without fainting, the pain was too great. He was about to cry out again because of the pain when he heard an explosion right next to him.

The teenager opened his eyes again only to see the creature on his right being engulfed in bright red flames, wailing as its body was being turned into ashes. Then, just as the one in the center looked at the one which was burning up, there was a ray of light and the third creature also burst into flames without being able to even react. In an instant there only remained one out of the three demon-like creatures, the one that had its claws buried into the teenager’s chest. It quickly pulled out and jumped back, growling madly as it looked all around to try to spot where these attacks were coming from. A voice came from the right though Alexandre couldn’t understand it, his hearing was too blurred and weak to distinguish anything. His sight was starting to blur too, he felt like his mind was slipping away again.

But before everything went black he saw another ray of bright light then a few bright explosions of multicolored light followed. The creature, which had started moving at unbelievable speeds again, was the origin of a few of these explosions, or at least that’s what Alexandre thought. Everything was to unclear for him to be sure of anything, it was as if he was watching the scene through a blurred bullet-proof glass panel, sounds and images were completely deformed. At one point he saw the dark shadow being engulfed in a bright red explosion before disappearing completely. Then another figure, taller and more human-like this time, approached from his right and knelt besides him. Alexandre couldn’t distinguish the person’s features but he saw, or at least thought he saw, a man wearing a blue scarf and a long coat looking at him before everything went black.

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