EoP – Part 102

Echoes of Power

Part 102

“There, done!” Exclaimed the man with a smile as he stood back up and dusted off his pants. “Don’t worry, you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

Alexandre struggled to regain his breath, he couldn’t control the shivering that had taken over him but, strangely, it was as the stranger had said, the pain was slowly going away and his head was clearing up.

“Wha- what happened?” He finally managed to ask, still panting heavily.

“What happened?” The man asked with a hint of surprise. “Oh!” He then exclaimed as understanding seemed to dawn on him.

“You mean about the geigers! Well I took care of them, a simple blue flame spell and poof, they were gone!” He explained, mimicking an explosion with his hands as he did so.

“A what?” Asked Alexandre, struggling to sit up against the wall.

“A blue flame spell.” Repeated the man before frowning. “Oh wait. You don’t know what a spell is, do you?”

Alexandre looked at him for a moment, not completely sure he had heard correctly. A spell? As in magic? Wait! Did that mean he had been doing magic?

“You mean… like magic?” He finally asked, frowning too.

The stranger looked around before sighing.

“You could say its something like that… We have a lot to talk about… But not here, we’ve got to go elsewhere. Follow me!”

“Wait! What is going here?” Asked Alexandre as the man had already taken a few steps. “What were those things? Why did they attack me? And, who are you?!”

The man turned around, his long scarf floating behind him as he walked back to where Alexandre was sitting. He looked at the teenager for a moment, as if he was silently analysing him or pondering his options, before smiling and clapping his hands.

“True! I do apologize for that. I always seem to forget about introductions… My name is Damian and, as you probably noticed already, I’m an empirist. Not that you actually might know what that is… Anyway, what’s your name kid?”

“I’m Alexandre.” The teenager replied, wanting to correct that Damian guy on the fact that he was not a kid but preferring to keep it to himself.

If he also had powers he wasn’t about to go and mess with him.

“Ok, nice to meet you Alexandre. Now, I’m willing to explain to you everything that just happened but we can’t just stay here. We have to move, now!” Damian said as he motioned to the end of the small street.

“Where are we going?” Alexandre asked as he struggled to get up.

“You’ll see.” Damian replied with a smile. “Don’t worry, I mean no harm.”

He turned around and started walking without even waiting for the teenager’s reply. Alexandre cursed inwardly. He was barely able to stand straight, much less walk, and this strange man wanted him to follow him blindly. True he had saved his life but this could be just another trap… The teenager looked around at the burn marks that were covering the pavement. He hesitated. Could he really trust that guy? If he wanted, Damian, or whatever he was called, could surely end his life with a snap of his fingers… But he said he had answers… Alexandre didn’t have time to ponder this issue much longer and the man with the blue scarf reappeared to his side.

“Come, don’t dawdle! We don’t have much time!” The man said with a smile as he put the teenager’s arm around his shoulders and helped him walk away from the small alley.

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