EoP – Part 103

Echoes of Power

Part 103

“So, your name is Damian right?” Alexandre asked.

“Mmhmm.” The man sitting in front of him nodded with a small smile.

In the end Alexandre had followed his savior without resisting. After all, what could he do in his state? Plus Damian didn’t seem ill-intentionned and he said he had the answers Alexandre was looking for. They were now sitting in the park not far from Alexandre’s house, on a bench near a tree. They had moved away from the small alley as possible, the man had not taken time to explain why they had to get away in such haste but the teenager had deduced he didn’t want more of those beastly creatures to appear and attack them. Only once they had reached the park had Damian slowed the pace down. Alexandre had tried to get some answers as they were walking but without much success.

“I’m drawing a concealment spell.” The man with the long blue scarf had simply replied when the teenager had asked about his constant muttering along the way.

“A spell?” The man had not replied and so Alexandre ha decided to wait for them to stop, seeing he wouldn’t get any answer before then.

Finally they had sat down on one of the benches not too far away from the large fountain in the center of the park.

“You don’t know what a spell is?!” The man finally said, after a long pause, still smiling lightly.

“Uh…” Alexandre hesitated. He knew what a spell was, he just couldn’t believe it meant what he thought it meant. “I- I’m not sure…” He finally replied, preferring to be frank.

“I see… That’s what I thought…” Damian said, taking off his scarf and putting it down on the bench beside him.

“What do you mean?” Asked Alexandre, curious.

“I mean it’s confirming my thoughts. That you don’t know jack about empirium…”

“About what? You said that word earlier, what does it mean?”

Empirium.” Repeated Damian with a small sigh, he looked around before leaning in. “That’s what you did earlier, that’s also what I used to take care of those geigers. You used a fire spell to burn them. Not a bad move but not sufficient.” He explained.

“Wait, when you say spells, you mean like… like magic, real magic? That’s what you’re telling me? I can use magic?” Alexandre asked, having trouble believing what he was being told.

“Not exactly. It would be more of a sorcery matter but that’s the idea. Magic is actually a part of empirium, the art of using the supernatural if you will. ” Damian explained.

Alexandre stayed silent for a moment, pondering what he had just heard. He found it difficult to believe that what he had been doing until now was some sort of magic, or empirium, whatever the name was. But how could he have trouble accepting this kind of answer after almost being killed by strange creatures that shouldn’t even exist? The teenager didn’t really understand his own reaction…

“What exactly is empirium?” He finally broke the calm silence and asked. “And what is a geiger?” He winced slightly, unsure if he had pronounced it right.

Apparently he hadn’t been too far off because Damian, who had been looking intently at him, nodded and changed position slightly, turning to sit towards the teenager.

“I’ll explain it in more details if you want but first I need to check if you’re really okay. What you fought, geigers, are tricky bastards so I need to check your wound more closely to be sure.”

“Okay.” Alexandre simply replied as the man motioned towards his chest with his hands.

“Good. Could you pull up your shirt then?” Damian asked as he got closer.

Alexandre complied silently. He didn’t know anything else other than the man’s name but he could only trust him if he wanted to get answers. He didn’t really have a choice. That didn’t please him much but at least he was still alive. At least that was a good thing, was it not?

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