EoP – Part 104

Echoes of Power

Part 104

Alexandre felt the coldness of the hand on his skin as Damian placed his palm on his chest, where the monster had hit him earlier.

“How can I…” he started, wondering how he could still be alive after  the monster had plunged its claws in his chest.

He had felt the tighten around his beating heart!

“How can you have no wound? Or were you going to ask how you can still be alive after what that thing did to you?” Damian completed his question for him.

“Well,” the man continued, closing his eyes for a moment to focus, “what it did to you wasn’t simply shove its claws through your chest, that geiger used a spell to do that, he was trying to rip your soul heart out.”

“My soul heart?” Alexandre asked, puzzled.

Damian sighed before speaking again.

“You really don’t know anything do you…?”

“No, I don’t… can you please explain to me what’s going on?”, the teenager asked.

“Yeah.”, replied the older man as he opened his eyes, “Just a second.”

He spoke three short words that Alexandre didn’t completely understand, he heard something like ‘vecchio nar prismus‘ but it didn’t make any more sense than that. He gave up trying to understand the meaning of what Damian had just said when a sharp pain pierced his chest once more. The teenager’s eyes went wide, he couldn’t help an exclamation of pain and immediately thought the mysterious man was trying to kill him. He was both surprised an relieved when the pain instantly faded away half a second later. Damian let out a sigh and moved back a little on the bench.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm. The geiger, that’s how we call the creatures you just got attacked by, put curse on you and I had to remove it before it started spreading. If I hadn’t you would’ve been dead in a matter of days. I know it hurts a bit but the pain fades away quickly and if I had told you it might have hindered the process…”, he paused looked at the setting sun for a moment.

The sky was slowly getting darker, the sun was disappearing behind the tall buildings and would soon set behind the tall hills surrounding the city.

“You’re clean now though so it’ll be fine, no need to worry.”, he added with a smile as he seemed to notice the teenager’s expression of concern. “Now, what do you want to know?”, his clear eyes were fixed on Alexandre as he spoke.

The teenager wasn’t really comfortable with that, it didn’t feel as if Damian was reading his mind but more as if he was studying him and his reactions. For what purpose? He couldn’t tell but this made him cautious. He couldn’t, however, refuse such an offer. Alexandre thus decided to try to get as much information as possible from him. If he somehow turned out to not be trustworthy he would at least know a little more than what he currently did.

“What’s a geiger?”, he asked, “and what’s empirium? And who are you?”

He was about to ask a dozen more question but seeing the frown that was starting to form on the man’s face made Alexandre stop there for the moment. That seemed to be enough as a start, he had to take things slowly. Rushing was never the solution. Even if it was extremely hard for him to restrain himself.

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