EoP – Part 105

Echoes of Power

Part 105

“Okay.”, the man said with a short nod as he sat back on the bench, straightening himself a little, “Let’s start by the most simple to explain. As I told you earlier, my name is Damian, Damian Hardy. I’m what we call an empirist,” he paused to look around before continuing.

“An empirist is what you may describe as a magician or a wizard in your own words, but in actuality its a bit different from that. An empirist is someone who uses the arts of Empirium, namely Magic, Sorcery, Alchemy, Spiritism, etc. and manipulates mana, an energy that is present all around us, to bend the laws of this world to his desires. There are many sorts of empirists, just as many as there are people on this earth, and each have their own specialty. I, for example, specialize more in sorcery, so I would be a sorcerer more than a magician,” he stopped, looking at Alexandre to see if the young man was following.

“This,” the man resumed with a smile as Alexandre nodded his understanding, “with what you’ve just witnessed, should show you that the world you live in is not as simple as you might have thought it was at first. There are secrets hidden to many and a deeper meaning to life that you can’t notice unless you are initiated to the ways of Empirium. Those creatures that attacked you earlier,”

“The geigers?” said Alexandre, completing Damian’s sentence.

“Yes, the geigers,” the latter repeated with a nod, “are creatures close to what you would know as demons. They are not demons but they are creatures not of this world. It is rare to see them here on their own, they are usually summoned by an empirist and controlled to abide to any order he or she, or it, might give. They aren’t very hard to control compared to other otherworldly creatures I’ve seen, but they are very strong and resistant. Mostly immune to fire.”, he added after a slight pause, pointedly looking at Alexandre.

The teenager understood the message, it was, after all, quite clear: had Damian not been there, he would have died.

“Only a sufficient level of power can manage to hurt them enough to make them back off. Now, I don’t think these geigers were controlled by anyone, they seemed to act of their own free will, which might even be more frightening than if they were. If they were though, it might mean that someone is trying to hurt or kill you.”

“But who would want that?” Alexandre asked, unable to think of anyone who would want his death.

“No idea,” Damian replied, “it’s just a supposition, I’m not sure of anything. Was it the first time you were attacked like this?”, he then asked.

“No, I’ve been attacked once more,” Alexandre answered almost immediately, “it was only one though and I somehow managed it.”

Damian looked at him with a frown, silent for a few seconds before nodding and resuming his explanation.

“Well, I can’t be sure so you’ll have to be careful just in case. You’re gonna have to learn to defend yourself… but I’m getting off track! What they did to you back there was a spell to take ot your soul heart. A soul heart is the heart of an empirist’s power to wield mana, without it you would lose most if not all of your powers and probably your life with it. The spell I, myself, used a few minutes ago was to take care of any residual poison that a geiger‘s aura contains and that had contaminated you when he attacked your soul heart. It could have killed you in just a few hours if I hadn’t done anything.”

“I’m very thankful for your help!” Alexandre said, realizing how lucky he had been.

If the man sitting in front of him hadn’t been there at that moment he would’ve ceased to exist very quickly and, most likely, very painfully.

“Yeah, well you should be! You would have been dead if I hadn’t intervened!” Damian exclaimed with a frown.

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