EoP – Part 107

Echoes of Power

Part 107

“What?” asked the older man, unsure if he had heard well.

“Teach me the art of Empirium,” the teenager repeated, not paying attention to the frown on his interlocutor’s face.

That weakling was seriously asking if he would teach him the art of Empirium? Him! Damian Hardy, the golden bane, teaching a mere common? He scoffed inwardly but his face remained an emotionless mask. He couldn’t refute the fact that the boy had talent in him, he had seen how he had dealt with the three creatures despite having no experience whatsoever and being confronted to them for the second time only. But therefrom accepting to teach him the trade? Oh no… there was still a long way to go for a simple common like him to gain enough regard from him.

And yet, he had saved him. Why? It was a question he hadn’t thought of asking himself earlier but not that it occurred to him, he couldn’t help but wonder. He hadn’t come all this way to settle down for a while and take time to train a greenhorn how to survive in this harsh world. The boy has to learn for himself… Plus they would be looking for him soon, they probably had already their eye on Alexandre, he was so discreet that Damian couldn’t understand how he had not been found out yet. This was unbelievable, even for such incompetents fools as the agents of Central.

Either the boy is extremely lucky or there is something going on that’s keeping them from doing their job properly… He was skeptical, usually they always managed to make do with what they had. But this time feels different. He couldn’t say how, but it felt like somehow, something was not quite right in this city. Since he had arrived he had had the strange impression that everything was blurred in energy. The place was filled with mana, much more than it should have been. Why? To that question he still had no answer, he would undoubtedly find one soon though.

In any case he had felt a few different others that were not far away. The trails weren’t very clear, perhaps because of the interference but also because they weren’t half bad, and he had no intention of following them to know more. He was happy with the freedom he now possessed and he wasn’t about to throw it all away to quell his curiosity. He’d simply keep minding his own business if they kept minding theirs. The only reason that had pushed him to follow his curiosity was the fact that the boy’s aura was so strong it unnerved him. He knew he wouldn’t resist long not doing anything about it.

It wasn’t very clever, he knew it. He’d probably get into more trouble than this was worth for this, but he had wanted to know what the young man he now knew as Alexandre was indeed what he had first thought: an empirist without any actual knowledge about Empirium. And, to his surprise, he had actually been right. The boy had absolutely no knowledge about anything and, despite using his power in plain day, not once but twice, to fight off geigers he hadn’t been contacted or spotted.

To them he was an existence that they couldn’t allow to remain untouched, he was an anomaly and if they had known about him they would have acted. But they hadn’t and that made Damian curious. And if there was one thing he liked to do, it was answering his curiosity! He was in no position to do this, he had no real desire to take in an apprentice nor had he the time or the complete freedom to do it, and yet… yet he somehow wanted to know how it all would play off if he gave in to his desire.

“Do you really know what you’re asking boy?” he asked, his face was still ever so serious but a small smirk was dawning in his mind.

He had made his decision; this promised to be interesting. And fun.

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