EoP – Part 108

Echoes of Power

Part 108

He threw his bag in a corner and fell heavily on his bed. Alexandre felt like his body whole body had been beaten bloody, he had barely managed to get up to his room and now that he was lying down he couldn’t even muster the strength to get back up and undress. Well, in a sense he had been beaten to a pulp. He hd almost died too.

“Again…” he added out loud with a groan.

He had trouble understanding how he could remain so calm about all this. A group of weird creatures that looked like demon come straight from hell had tried to torture him before killing him and devouring his heart, luckily he had been saved by a strange man who could apparently do magic -or, as he had been told, empirium- and crazy powerful one at that. All this while he himself could apparently use said empirium, without even knowing why, and heard a voice in his head that said things he couldn’t even understand. And all that had happened in the span of just a few weeks; if it wasn’t him that was becoming crazy then the world was seriously fucked up…

He had been relieved when, a few minutes earlier, he had walked in the house half expecting his father to already be there, worrying about where he could be. Fortunately the house was still empty, David Parson was still at work and wouldn’t come back until much later that evening. Alexandre had no desire to explain what had happened to him nor any way of doing so convincingly. He had already much difficulty believing what he was living himself. His aching body and his shirt, which had been ripped apart and stained with blood, were the proof that at least, if not what he believed, something had happened to him.

After discussing with him about what had just happened, his savior had deemed that it was more reasonable for them to leave it at that for the moment. Damian had however decided to accompany the teenager to his house, “to be safe” he had said. The trip had been made in silence, the older man refusing to answer any other question the teenager had before he had time to rest.

“It’s useless for me to tell you now something that you might forget tomorrow. No, you either wait until you’re fully rested or I simply disappear and you won’t see me ever again.”

Alexandre had accepted this without protest, nodding vaguely at Damian, he was too exhausted to say anything anyway. He had barely noticed they had arrived until the older man dropped him without any gentleness on the front of the porch.

“The pain will fade away quickly but for that you have to rest,” he had said as the teenager groaned from the pain. “Don’t try using your empirium anymore. As you probably understand now, it’s extremely dangerous when you don’t know how to hide or control it.”

Alexandre had nodded but the man had grabbed his face, squashing his cheeks between his strong fingers and forcing the teen to look into the depth of his eyes.

“I want you to say it. I haven’t agreed to teach you anything yet but if you want me to consider it favorably you will listen to me. Is that clear?” Damian asked in a steel cold tone.

Alexandre nodded again reflexively before telling the man before him he understood. A shiver ran down his spine as he felt the same danger as earlier. That man was dangerous and he wasn’t about to mess with him.

“All good then!” Damian exclaimed as he broke into a light smile, the storm in his eyes had seemed to pass. “I’ll let you know soon enough when we begin. Until then, no empirium.”, he added, his tone friendly but his eyes still as cold as ever.

He had then left after getting the response he wanted from the teenager without another word. Alexandre had struggled to get back up before going inside and heading for his room almost immediately. Once he was lying down on the bed, still fully clothed, it took him less than a minute to fall asleep. Despite the pain and the feeling of danger he couldn’t shake away, the pull of the deep, dark and calm slumber was irresistible.

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