EoP – Part 109

Echoes of Power

Part 109

The next few days seemed strange to Alexandre. It was like his world, or his view of it, had changed. Everything kept moving on as it normally, it all seemed to be the same, but something was different. He had felt the exact same thing when he had first discovered his ability, suddenly it was like a new facet of the world around had just made itself known to him, like he had been included into a bigger picture which was hidden until recently.

The whole week had passed before he had been contacted by Damian. Alexandre had found it surprisingly difficult to restrain himself from using his ability. Well, empirium actually, now that he knew what it was called. The temptation had been great. Somehow even greater because he hadn’t, and didn’t want to, tell anyone else about this. Especially not Bryan. His best friend had to remain ignorant of all this, he’d never understand why someone would want to pursue something so dangerous. Plus he didn’t trust Damian enough to put his friends in the loop, if that guy was as dangerous as he seemed it was better to keep them away from it.

Alexandre couldn’t help himself though, this was something he wouldn’t stop thinking about, he couldn’t get his mind off of what it meant. The images also kept replaying in his head each night. He could see the bright eyes of the monsters, their bloody teeth and the dark hand piercing his chest. It woke him up each morning with a start. Somehow he didn’t feel traumatized despite these common occurrences but he knew he had to be careful when thinking about this, a sane mind didn’t need much to be pushed over the edge. Each time he did wake up like this, shivers coursing through his body and cold sweat running down his temples, he only had to look at the three scars on his side to remember it was all real and that he wasn’t going nuts.

Strangely the wound to his chest had not left even a scratch after Damian’s treatment, which puzzled Alexandre but he chose to think it was because of what the older man had done. He didn’t know if he was thankful for it or not though. Yes it helped hiding whatever was going on from the others -he already had trouble keeping anyone from seeing the scars on his side, which was quite a feat especially during sport classes, so he didn’t need one more to be careful about- but, on the other hand, it made a proof of his sanity disappear… If anyone could consider wanting to remember surviving to three monsters trying to eat their heart out and almost killing them being sane.

His mind was so focused on his encounter with Damian and what had resulted from that he didn’t see the week go and only realized by the next Friday evening that his second date with Chloe was the next day. This event was the only one that took his mind off the rest and that made him focus on planning what they would do.

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