EoP – Part 111

Echoes of Power

Part 111

Why? The question echoed in his mind for a moment. He looked at her as she slowly sipped the content of her glass. Why? Alexandre had been asking the question to himself for a moment now. Why did he like her? She was cute, yes. He found her light medium-length hair very suiting. It was not completely blond, there were a few streaks of darker shades here and there, but it was her natural colour and he like it. The few freckles speckled here and there on her cheeks accentuated the cuteness and her eyes, despite their cold blue-grey colour, were bright. Her nose wasn’t very thin nor very small, it wasn’t too big either, somehow just the right size. He also found the way her eyebrows moved when she expressed herself or concentrated on something very likable. She was as tall as him, perhaps even a little taller, which didn’t bother him in the least. He quite liked it. Her frame was slender but not thin, almost on the chubby side, or the athletic one, he couldn’t really tell since he hadn’t seen her with less clothing than her daily attire.

Yes, she was beautiful. He found Chloe beautiful. But it wasn’t only her appearance that he liked, he loved the little quirks he had managed to spot during the time they had spent together : her fingers putting her hair behind her ear from time to tim, the captivating movement of her eyebrows,  the way she turned her whole body around from time to time when she wanted to look at something or to change direction. He liked her voice, how it could be calm and excited, suave and playful all at the same time, it resounded gently in his head. He also loved how she knew so much about things and yet played the curious girl to make him talk, it had taken him a while to notice that the first time, but after a few minutes of explaining things about the old architecture of the buildings in the city he had somehow caught a glimpse of something that assured him she already knew all that.

She was playful and fun to be around. She liked what he liked, he liked what she liked. Not everything of course but quite a bit more than what he had expected at first. She played video games, listened to all sorts of music but mostly jazz -which he had found quite fun to discover for some reason-, she liked sports and apparently played in a handball team at a high level, like writing, painting, singing but also watching action movies and going out with friends or alone. Her favourite colour was yellow because of butter. She was good at math but hated physics for some reason.

“Math is great because it’s so surreal but physics feels so down-to-earth and grounded, I hate that…” she had told him.

She was in her first year of a math oriented licence, somehow studying economics, statistics, applied and non-applied math but had also pursued learning Latin and Greek while also participating in a theatre club and continuing to play sports. He found that amazing considering he had trouble just keeping up with his studies, playing video games and the few outings he had with Bryan. He liked the way she dressed, casual but classy, just formal enough to always attract his gaze. No. Saying he didn’t like her would be the greatest lie of his life. He liked her. Maybe more, almost certainly more, -also, that was almost surely mutual, even if it had not been explicited yet-, no, what puzzled him was the reason to this. Why he liked her. Because she is who she is, I like her for who she is, for her. That was the best answer he could come up with: he like Chloe because of what she was and all that was to be liked about her. Am I over-thinking this? Yes obviously… He thought, before mentally scolding himself when he realized he hadn’t heard what she had just said.

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