Update and news

First of all I wanted to thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to, well, read and like my writings. It makes me so happy and proud to know that you enjoy reading what I create!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who is following this blog, the counter has now gone past 70 followers! Can you imagine that?! We’re at 71 followers now, it’s so awesome! Thank you all! :D

And finally I wanted to quickly celebrate passing the 400th post on Tales of Ore! Would I dare…, a short poem I wrote a few days ago, was the official post number 400 (we’re now at 403) and I am so happy and very proud of myself for this achievement! I was already surprised when I reached my 100th post, I didn’t believe I could go as far as 200 when I reached that level nor 300 before I made it there. And now I’ve created 400 posts… Wow, just wow…

Now, I know all of them aren’t worth the same, some are useless while some are really nice to read, but this is still and impressive feat I didn’t believe I would be able to achieve when I first started Tales of Ore. My goal was to post everyday, whatever it was, a story, a poem or just a small summary of my day, it didn’t matter as long as I was writing. But now I feel like I have reached a new level where I am writing everyday and I am able to create content that has a bit more quality… Anyways, I’m not going to spend hours talking about that, I’ll marvel on my own later, but I just wanted celebrate this.

WOOHOO! 400 posts! :D

Now, onto the announcements! I have two for you guys, not huge things but quite cool I hope!

I have been trying to start working on Echoes of Power again but I find myself stuck at chapter 112, I can’t decide how the scene will evolve and it is annoying because it prevents me from continuing the story… I am thinking about it and working on it however so I should have a solution soon, just need a good idea about how to solve my problem.I do have a few hunches but nothing solid for the moment. So, yeah, EoP should be back soon if everything goes well! ;)

Also, second amazing announcement, I have been thinking for a while now what to do with the content I write in French (because I am French, remember.). Should I create a separate blog or post it on this one? And if I post it on this one, do I post everything together or to I separate? In the end I have decided to post it here, so you should see some things in French appearing soon, though I will differentiate them (I’ll probably add a comment to tell you if it’s in French or in English so that you won’t be confused). But don’t be surprised, I will be posting French poetry (at least) here soon.

I have already begun adapting the main page and the top menu to this, putting the buttons both in English and in French. I won’t be translating everything (I don’t want to and it wouldn’t be very useful anyway) but some things will be in both languages while some remain in one or the other. I’m really excited about that because there is so much I have been working on in French and with which I couldn’t do anything… Now I will be able to share it too! (I think that I will probably begin by posting poems and the chapters of Tales of Ore that I have written in French.)

All right, this is all I had to tell you. Thanks for taking the time to read what I write and for passing by from time to time!

I will see you guys soon! ;)


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