Quotidian n°102 – You can do anything

Do you ever have this feeling? You know, that moment where you feel you could do anything, literally anything? You feel like you could jump out the window and just take flight or defeat and entire army of ninjas in sweep or even finish writing a 10000 words long essay in less than an hour? Yeah, that awesome feeling. Well I am feeling it, right now. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s the music I’m listening to (Nightingale by Demi Lovato if you are wondering, which I’m listening to over and over; yeah, I like what she does), if it’s the fact that I feel so inspired by the things I’m writing (I have so many ideas of what I could do for my stories and I feel inspired to write poetry too, it’s crazy) or if it’s because of the weather (I explained how I lived with the weather in an earlier Quotidian, feeling good when it the sun was out and a bit depressed when there are clouds) but in any case I feel great and I want to do so many things. It’s almost crippling because I know that I won’t be able to achieve even half of what I have in mind, but in any case I want to do it and I am quite pumped about it so, yeah, I’m good!

Yep, that was just a little happy/excited rant I had to get out. Don’t know why, just had to. I really hope you guys are going well too and I wish you a very Happy Easter! :D (even if it’s a little late for that) Enjoy the cute rabbit!


PS: I also have those strange Hulk/Mr. Hyde moments sometimes, where I feel like yelling at everything and breaking things for literary no reason. I can’t explain why or how it happens but I somehow am continuously yelling my own thoughts in my head and have this urge to do everything very quickly as if I was possessed. But that it maybe just me going crazy… Anyways, have a nice day people! ;)

PPS: Also, for those interested, I have been working on Echoes of Power, the new chapters are slowly being written, I still have to find a valid conclusion to Alexandre’s date with Chloe but once I have the series will kick off again and I will begin publishing a part each day. I just have a lot of difficulty figuring out how to end it properly… So, yeah, coming soon!



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