So I’ve been watching…


So, yeah, I’ve watched a lot of tv series and movies along the few years since I’ve been around and if there is one thing that has piqued my interest, making me both very happy and extremely annoyed, it’s their unrealism.

Before going any further, I don’t mean the stravangaza (yeah, I’m fooling you all into thinking I’m a highly literate person! ) of the plots or the unbelievable things the creators add to make them interesting. I love movies with super powers, supernatural happenings or simply people who are to the peak of human physical abilities, no I do love that. What bugs me is how they always seem to get out of supposedly unescapable situations. Surrounded by ten soldiers with guns pointed at your chest? Don’t worry, you’ll manage with a swiss knife and a bit of protagonistic luck…

Okay, this is interesting and this is often what makes me read a story, how the main character can beat up twenty guys by just flicking his little finger. I know that comics are full of these kind of characters, who are over powered or that seem to always escape death. But, come on ! There are some things that are not supposed to be escapable, things that should wound you or things that you should at least take notice of. I’ll take the most recent example I have in mind : Revolution. Great series, not the best I’ve ever seen, but very enjoyable. Futuristico-apocaliptico-back-to-the-wildo type of story where every source of electricity has been nullified and people have to live without it. Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with the plot, it’s an awesome idea. But seriously, no one cares about the nuclear power plants? Okay, the main characters are OP, they can escape from multiple rains of bullets, surely fired by ex-stormtroopers, survive multiple near fatal injuries and all the while decimating the enemy’s forces, that I’ll accept. But one of these things killed thousands of people when it blew up and you mean to tell me that those hundred nuclear reactors on american soil ALL remained in tip-top shape and that not one of them blew up or leaked?! Now THAT’s what I call unrealism…

Oh, as a matter of fact the “near fatal injuries” thingy does bother me. How come the enemy dies of on bullet to the stomach in less than ten seconds and the main characters get to survive three bullets to the torso, stand up and shoot back before fainting and STILL surviving in the end? I know, I know, “they are the main characters”, but still… That is an example of why I love Game of Thrones. People die. Main characters die. It’s sad but it’s much more fun! By the way, in Revolution (SPOILER!!! skip to next paragraph to avoid it) why does Danny die if he has the device that manages to heal his mother in mere seconds in his chest? Device which is programmed to heal his chest due to his malformation at birth. (Unless I’m wrong, in which case, my deepest apologies.)

I’m conscious I’m being a party pooper here but really, is it always necessary to go that far in the unrealism? Some stories aren’t made for realism but really, couldn’t the main characters take a longer break when they’re hit by a bullet? Same bullet that would’ve killed a bad guy I must add! And why do bad guys always have miraculous bad aim? Couldn’t they hit the main characters a bit more often? They wouldn’t even care, give them a few minutes and they are up and fighting again anyways… And when the characters die… Oh my god… Can someone really die from a bullet wound in the stomach in less than ten seconds when their friend is trying to help stop the bleeding? And why do they always come just before the guy dies so that he can tell them his last words, make an awkward dying pause and then die? Why can’t they arrive a bit late for once? Or why can’t the dying character take hours to die and they have to wait and they fall asleep en if they don’t want to and when they wake up he or she is dead? That would be so much better than “I’m here Katty! OMG you’re wounded to the stomach, you’re gonna die!” “Yes John, I know, tell my wife I love her…” “Okay…” *Awkwards pause* *Dies* *John cries* Well at least having to stay by the friend’s side for hours or long minutes until he dies would be so much better in my mind… Or is it simply that they speed up the process in movies? I dunno… I don’t even know where I was going with all this anymore, I’m too upset… (damn it!)

Oh yeah, I was rambling about this because when I write I like to keep the realism in my stories. I mean that in a proportionate way, that means that if I want to add purple dragons that shoot marshmallows out of their claws I will, but simply that if a character is faced with an impossible situation he might have a lot more difficulties getting out of it. And if he dies then either he has time to say his last words and dies slowly or he dies instantaneously. I love super powers and I have a really hard time adding them in the story I’m writing right now and keeping them realistic. Anyways, I’m running out of rambling material so I think I’ll stop for the moment, and maybe come back to it later, but for now I need to get back to writing…

Thank you for reading if you did, I hope I didn’t bore you to death. If you have any reaction to share don’t hesitate, I’d love to know! ;)

See ya later, alligators!

4 thoughts on “So I’ve been watching…

  1. I thought your reaction was interesting because I check out of a certain TV show a while back. They keep needing to raise the dramatic stakes and are now rewriting the laws of physics. Villians with supernatural powers want to flatten cities. That’s so silly. Like, why not simply control a city by employing everyone? These fiends are well dressed and have fancy jobs but no practical ambition. If you’re going to be in human form with supernatural powers, blowing up a city isn’t going to cut it. So, I totally get what you’re saying.

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    • Hey thanks for the comment! :D
      Also yeah, that’s part of what I get annoyed at: if you begin a universe with definite rules, you have to respect it. Making a few changes here an there, introducing new story mechanics and new plots is okay but changing things too much, to the point that it doesn’t make any sense at all for the progression of the story is really stupid…
      And, for bad guys, why always try to either conquer or destroy everything? And why do they struggle so much if they are so powerful? And why stop at something minor when you can go big? Or immediately go big when you manage something minor? Why not see them struggle to achieve their goal too, like struggle for real for once…
      So much to do that would be interesting, so many missed opportunities…

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      • So true. The overflow of characters gets noisy and then you end up replaying the other, other reboot slash prequel slash… instead of watching what’s on screen. That’s why I end up watching the same films and series episodes again and again and only one or two new films a year.

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