Elementary my dear Johnson.

Oh, was it Watson? Sorry Watsy- uh, I mean, Johnny… *bad smile*

Soooo, yeah. I’ve just finished watching the third season of the amazing tv series Sherlock and it was… well, amazing! :D (Warning! This may contain spoilers so read it at your own risk! :P)

Now, I’m not writing this to review the series because firstly I love it so it would only be praises for it, and also because it would take so much time that I don’t have to courage to do it. No, what I am writing this for is because of my reaction to the last seconds of the last minutes of the last episode of the last season that recently was broadcasted recently. Of course I have to say that it was awesome but that maybe not everyone will love it as much as I did as it is much more centered on the characters of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson than in te previous seasons. The great mysteries and deductions, though still present, have left the spotlight a bit to focus on the characters’ personalities and interactions with each others. Frankly I loved it, the stag night and the wedding were so much fun to watch, the reunion between the two protagonists and the french waiter were just hilarious and the mind palace scenes were really exciting! Also Mycroft is more present and we get to see the two brothers’ parents and that is priceless! But it is true that it lacked a bit of suspense and mystery which might displease, or have displeased, some of you but I, for my part, really enjoyed it.

Now, what I want to talk about is not the series per se but the feelings that I had as the season came to an end. As you may or may not know the first episode picks up on Sherlock’s trick and the death of Moriarty and the last episode ends on Sherlock leaving by plane after killing Magnussen. Now, I caught on Magnussen’s trick as slowly as a snail, I guessed he had a supercomputer linked to his glasses at first, guess which switched to a chip in his brain when Sherlock tried them. But I only understood it was his mind when he agreed to take them into his vaults, so slow… Now that was quite a fun twist but I also immediately understood that he was going to have to die if they were to ‘delete’ the information about Mary. What I didn’t expect until he pulled the gun was for or dear detective to shoot him himself. Now that was surprising too but also a bit disappointing as it led to Sherlock’s arrest and departure by plane for a suicide mission in europe. I thought ‘ oh, and here’s season two’s finale all over again, he goes, dies (this time in europe) and comes back to life… great…’, I must admit I was disappointed indeed, but not for long. For as soon as the plane took of the scene jumped back to Mycroft and I knew something as up, but what? And my mind went all ‘mind-palace-experience-while-I-get-shot-to-decide-how-I-fall-to-increase-my-chances-of-survival’ and thoughts raced through my mind. Who was it? What was going on?

At that moment,  the excitement of the whole season and the great episode had died down a bit, I wasn’t sure what to think. Was that it? Was he going to leave just like that and pfwit… over? No, of course not, the feeling that something cool had to happen to make us want to watch season three slowly crept inside me and I was proved right! :D

So Mycroft gets the call and a voice says  something to him that we can’t hear. He then turns on the monitor and at that point I know he will have to cal Sherlock back. Now, I know that I’m not describing my reaction nor the emotions that I felt at that moment too well but… to put it clearly it was really quite some disappointment up to that point, but then as the phone rang the excitement came back. I must say, by the way, that when I’m excited over a series or a book I usually express it by shouting, dancing and other wide and wild gestures, which I was starting to do at that time as I was like ‘Oooooooh, this is going to be good’ while clapping in my hands. Yes, I do that from time to time, no worries, I’m just crazy is all… :P Even more when it’s a story I really enjoy (cf Sherlock, Doctor Who or Person of Interest).

Back to what I was saying. So, the phone rings and someone tells Mycroft to watch TV, he turns it on (yes, TV in a car… how great, I want one!) and almost immediately his face expresses utmost disbelief. That’s when it started to click in my head, and I believe in most of the other viewers’, ‘Oh. My. God. Something big is happening!’. Then it skips to Sherlock, he get’s Mycroft’s call, says a little joke about how his holidays were awesome and then back to Mycroft. At that point several theories had sprouted in my mind already. What evil could have forced Mycroft to call Sherlock back? Irene Adler gain? Nah, I don’t think so. Another ‘Moriarty’ or the man himself (which I had been praying for since the end of season 2). And my expectations were nt betrayed! The short but thrilling ‘did you miss me?’ had me speechless and soooo frustrated. I think that was the time I bugged my brother, who was sitting next to me at that point, the most during a tv show. I kept opening and closing my mouth like a fish, unable to formulate a coherent sentence. And then I started repeating over and over ‘no way, no way, no way, no way!’. And finally the after credit scene gave the final push to the nail and I was left there, speechless, frustrated, so excited and extremely happy at the same time. I don’t know if you have ever felt this thrill while reading or watching stories unfold like that but it’s truly awesome!

This is what make Sherlock, Doctor Who and all those series, books, mangas, audio sagas (yes, you may not know of its existence but audio, or mp3 sagas are truly awesome too [well, in french at least, as we seem to have a lot more that any other countries :P]) so cool and so addictive. Who didn’t cry on the evening of the Red Wedding? Who didn’t scream like a fangirl when we learned who Ace’s father was? Who didn’t shout out of frustration on the cliffhanger that left us The Mark of Athena? Hmm? Who dare to contradict me?! Now, I know I’ve basically been ranting all along in this post but please, allow me to finish. The feeling that the authors, directors and actors try to convey to the readers, viewers or listeners are true and they are so awesome, and that is what I try to do in my stories, to make you feel happy, sad, surprised or even frustrated while and after reading them, but it’s not always easy. Though the greatest authors I think are those that can achieve that!

To finish on Sherlock, I’d say that I had about the same reaction as when I watched the ending of season 6 of Doctor Who (which was awesome) and therefore, even if it’s changed a bit over time it’s still as awesome as series as ever! The only down point though was the fact that we didn’t see Irene Adler too much (I hope we’ll see her again, if not then I’ll be as depressed as when she died in the movie version… [I really hope she’s still alive though…]), only in the mind palace scene, but other than that it was great!

Yup, that’s all folks! You can now rest in peace, I finally leave you alone! (For the moment at least! :P)

Ps: What I love in Sherlock is how all the little cases and details always lead to a bigger picture. Like the episode with Irene getting Sherlocked where all the weird cases in the beginning led to that plane that was supposed to be bombed), that is also something that feels awesome to watch! Just as much as the end of the episode where Sherlock understands the password!

PPs: Oh, wand the Elementary version of Sherlock Holmes is not bad either, I thought it would just be a way to compete with Sherlock but it seems quite good too, though I have to watch some more to be absolutely sure! :P

I wrote that quite some time ago now, back when Sherlock season 3 came out…

It's been 84 years..

So yeah, might be a little outdated but still mainly my thoughts on the show!

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