Tales of Ore – Part 1

A soft breeze was blowing over the blue expanse as the three ships advanced towards their destination. The sea was completely calm, only a few ripples came to distort its surface from time to time. The sky was a reflection of the liquid mirror, clear and serene, only a few white clouds floated aimlessly here and there. The young man saw a seagull suddenly dive deep in the water before coming back up a few seconds later, gobbling up its prey and taking off again with a laugh. The wind was enjoyably cool; it brought a very welcomed wave of freshness on the deck of the Leikan, a feeling that the passengers of the Trinity had almost forgotten during the trip. Thrista had put up with the heat and the humidity quite well, he had gotten used to weather like this over the last few months, but the same couldn’t be said for all of the passengers. The storm they had faced a couple of days earlier had contributed to cool the air down but, as they approached the coast of Tebor and its warm climate, the heat had once again taken over. Thrista smiled as he caught a glimpse of the familiar cliffs. The port city of Eneleïa was still a good hour away but the coast had already been visible for quite some time, slowly seeming to grow from the ocean itself. It had been far too long… Finally, he was coming home.

The number of passengers on the deck of the Leikan was slowly growing: everyone wanted to take a look at the cliffs of Eneleïa. The young man surmised the same thing must have been true for the two other ships of the Trinity. The small fleet got its more-than-obvious name from the fact that it was composed of three immense ships: the Illilda, the Leikan and the Archeniss. They were said to be the jewels of the Galaedian navy. Three stone colossi, each about sixty meters high for about two hundred long, made of pale white granite. On their navy-blue pavilion was drawn a sea-bird of large wingspan with a letter G printed in light grey in its center: the symbol of Galaeda. One of the smallest but most powerful states in the Ore Alliance. The fleet was scheduled to make a halt at the port of Eneleïa, the city of two worlds, for the next few days before going back to sea to continue its journey back to Port-Varenne, Galaeda’s capital city. Thrista had taken this opportunity to come back to Ore. After leaving the coast of Simeriah, the north-eastern continent, and sailing across more than a quarter of the central ocean for half a month, he had finally arrived home. He decision hadn’t been made until he had reached the port-city of Mellona, now on the other side of the ocean, and had learned the news of the imminent wedding of the princess of Tebor. That had decided him to come back and the coincidental presence of the Trinity in Mellona had made the journey back much easier.

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