Tales of Ore – Part 3

Silence slowly spread over the decks of the Leikan, the Illilda and the Archeniss as each passenger awaited the moment the doors would finally open with increasing tension. Only a few excited exclamations could be heard here and there as the children were beginning to grow impatient. The engines had been slowed down to the minimum while the captain of each ship waited for the authorization to enter the harbor. Suddenly, after what seemed like an eternity, a foghorn rang loudly in the distance, soon followed by a second one and then by a third, the whole of the Gates was soon resounding with the sound. Then a deep shaking sound erupted, coming from the walls themselves. A linear crack, parallel to the horizon, appeared on each part of the Gates, dividing each of the three symbols in half and the doors began to open. In front of the Leikan, Thrista had and unrivaled view of what was unfolding directly in front of him. The young man had already seen it a couples of times, but only from the other side of the Gates, and he had to admit it, although it was an incredible view, it didn’t compare to the sight he was seeing. It seemed as if a gigantic mouth opened itself in the Earth itself, ready to swallow everything.

The wall was at least twice as high as the ships thus hiding them from the sun in its gigantic shadow, so when the central gate finally opened the passengers were instantaneously flooded with bright light and loud sounds of cheering coming from the docks. Finally the trio of white stone maws were fully open and the ships’ engines began humming again, ever so slowly they began advancing into the harbor of Eneleïa, one through each door. Only a few hundred meters were left to their journey but Thrista couldn’t help but feel that this was by far the longest part, impatience and excitement were beginning to boil inside him, he desperately wanted to get off and wander the streets. There still were a few long minutes of wait however, as the fleet still had to dock and let the passengers get off. The cheers got louder and louder as the Leikan approached its docking point, Thrista finally caught a glimpse of what was causing such a ruckus: a large crowd was massed on both sides, waving and shouting gleefully at the three vessels. The clamor got even louder and intense once they got a reply from all three of the members of the Trinity, which simultaneously blasted their horns to signal their arrival.

Thrista was standing on the upper deck, observing the crowd down below and the rest of the harbor. It was immense to say the least, filled with large ships and small boats alike. Every visible square meter of the docks and the streets were occupied by the crowd that was welcoming the Trinity. If one was attentive enough, one could also see the decorations that had already begun to appear further in the distance; hundreds of colored drapes were spread all over, breathing even more life into the city which was ordinarily already bustling with activity. This scene reminded him of the first time he had come to Eneleïa, ten years before, he had been six at the time and the whole city was celebrating the tenth anniversary of the princess. He had come with his father who wanted to show him its magnificence during a time of celebration.

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