Tales of Ore – Part 4

Don’t get too far away from me”, the older man warned him as they had just entered the city, “you would get lost very easily.”

Where are we going?”, Thrista asked, his eyes huge with amazement as he looked at the myriads of colors dancing all around him.

Oh, you’ll see soon enough!”, his father replied with playful wink, “but perhaps we might see the princess from up close…”

At the time, the young man hadn’t been able to tell if his father had been joking or not but he knew he hadn’t been able to help feeling very excited at the prospect of visiting such a magnificent city. The memory faded back into the far corners of his mind as he felt the ship finally come to a full stop. The crowd on the ground was still cheering and the passengers were replying with smiles and waves of the hand. Thrista looked around, people were already moving towards the bridges to disembark or back to their cabins to pack up their stuff before exiting the ship. He hesitated an instant before slowly making his way towards the most forward point of the Leikan, choosing to wait for the larger part of the passengers to have disembarked before getting off himself. This way he wouldn’t have to bear the rush of the crowd, both on the ship and on the docks, and he would be able to get to shore more calmly.

He turned towards the palace, a tall and large white building that stood above many of the surrounding constructions and was clearly discernible despite the distance. That was where he was going, to greet the princess, if she agreed to see him again. He let out a small sigh as his eyes swept over the rest of the port city, it didn’t seem to have changed that much since he had left two years before, if anything it seemed to have grown bigger. The elegant architecture was truly a beautiful sight, marrying myriads of colors to the white walls of the buildings, gracefully mixing wood and stone and alternating with tall and short, square and round structures. The city was a rich blend of many different styles and cultures, the diversity that it housed, both in population and architecture, but also in its economy, was what made it so wonderful in the eyes of its inhabitants and foreigners alike.

Finally, when only a handful of people remained on the deck of the ship, the young man decided to move and to disembark. He went back to his cabin, a small room with a single bed and a window on the ocean, to pick up his stuff. He threw on his wide but light cape, placing the hood over his head to shield himself from the heat, shouldered his bag and made sure he hadn’t forgotten anything before walking back outside. As he was about to enter the corridor covered with blue cloth that led down to the docks he noticed the captain of the ship, a young brunette woman, and her second in command, a slim red-haired man, looking down from the upper deck. The second in command gave him a polite nod as he noticed Thrista’s gaze while the captain simply swept her eyes over him before focusing back on the unloading that was taking place below on the docks. The young man offered the redhead a slight nod in return, smirking slightly at both of their reactions. He had seen both the young woman and her first mate in action, none seemed to look the part at first, one was small and considered ‘too good looking to be efficient’ by some, and the other was pale and looked frail enough to faint at the first sign of danger. However, once they were in their post he had seen their ability to maintain their authority and the devotion each of the seamen showed to them; never were they questioned or disrespected.

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