Tales of Ore – Part 5

Thrista blinked a few times as he finally set foot on the solid ground of the harbor of Eneleïa. The sudden contrast between the cool shade of the clothed gangway and the illuminated docks was almost painful. When he got used to the brightness around him again, the young man was truly able to see the agitation that had taken over the docks and the whole harbor: people were shouting, running and transporting cargo everywhere. Though he had waited for the crowd to thin down a bit, there seemed to be an endless flow of passersby. One of the members of the crew saluted him and wished him an enjoyable stay in the city as he began walking towards the city center, to which he replied with a polite smile and a “thank you”. Slowly, and with great care, Thrista managed to make his way towards the outer rim of the harbor and to enter the eastern district. Passing through the huge building of the customs took much less time than expected, after all this wasn’t his first visit, he had come prepared. Soon he found himself on the other side. The eastern district’s streets were almost as crowded as the harbor itself and he had to smartly and swiftly navigate between waves of people going in every direction.

The young man’s pace was slower than he would have liked but it allowed him to enjoy the sights around him. Multitudes of multicolored pieces of cloth were hanging on the walls and from the balconies, hundreds of people walking all around, dressed in just as many colors. In some larger areas of the streets groups of musicians had gathered and were entertaining an ever-changing audience, small stalls accompanied by their merchants were also visible on the sides, tasty smells emanating from the food they tried to sell. Some chariots, which were being prepared for the great parade during the princess’s wedding, were even exposed here and there, still waiting to be completed. As he slowly progressed towards his destination he took it all in, a living and breathing rainbow of colors, tastes and sounds, animated by music and the city’s inhabitants. Thrista couldn’t help smiling at the memories this brought back.

Once he made it to the northern part of the eastern district the streets got quieter, slowly emptying themselves to leave a less dense flow of passersby. He let out a relieved breath, moving through that huge crowd had been more stressful than he had thought. Fortunately, this wasn’t the first time he came to Eneleïa, contrary to many a tourist, which meant that he knew his way around. Keeping an eye out for thieves was something crucial, a single second of distraction and one would find themselves dispossessed of the most valuable of their goods. He realized, as he had predicted, that the northern part of the city was more quiet than its counterparts. He paused a moment to look around at the indications, making sure he was in the right direction, before resuming his walk. The palace was visible on his left, tall and white in the distance. But his destination for the day was a small tavern a little bit more to the north.

He kept walking through the quieter streets, looking at his surroundings to check if he didn’t recognize something. The sun was beginning to set over the horizon when he finally noticed a few familiar facades, night wouldn’t be long to fall, an hour at most. A wave of warmth spread through his chest, it had been a long journey but he was finally coming back. The city of two worlds was slowly recovering the mysterious and charming atmosphere that had seduced him the first time. Yes, it was indeed time for him to come back. Thrista ran a hand through his short dark hair, taking his hood off at the same time, and let a smile spread on his face. This was where the voyage had begun and this is where it began anew.

Finally, he was back.

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