Tales of Ore – Part 6

On a dock not far from where the Leikan had stopped a small patrol from the Eneleïan navy was waiting patiently. The soldiers were standing in close, well-formed ranks, their weapons beside them as they calmly talked with each other. A man with graying hair was pacing slowly in front of them, nervously looking around. Suddenly he stopped and turned towards the water inside the large circular bay.

Men, attention!” he suddenly exclaimed. “They are coming, stay in ranks and salute when given the order, is that clear?”

Yes corporal!” responded each one of them as they picked up their weapons and stood straight.

Good.” he simply added before turning back towards the other side of the bay.

The docks were circular, surrounding the calm body of water, and extended on a diameter eight times wider than the docks where the Trinity had stopped earlier, it had been designed especially for the whole fleet to stay when it stopped in Eneleïa and was supposed to welcome the three ships that day. The Leikan, the Illilda and the Archeniss were scheduled to berth there after their stop at the harbor’s main docks to unload the civilian passengers and the cargo. The doors of the bay opened slowly, creating small ripples on the usually flat surface of the water, and the first ship, the Leikan, appeared and entered it, slowly positionning itself on the right side of the circular dock. It was soon followed by its two companions, each of them stopping in the center and on the left side which prevented any outsider from peeking inside the bay. As the bridges were lowered and the captains of the ships came down the corporal walked towards them to meet halfway. They were three, the young brunette woman from earlier, captain of the Leikan, a tall man with long white hair, captain of the Archeniss, and a smaller blonde man in his forties, captain of the Illilda, who was smiling.

Captains.”, the corporal saluted the three officers. “How was your trip? How may we assist you?”

The woman was the first to speak.

Fine, thank you corporal. As for the rest everything is taken care of, do not worry. Your job will be to secure this perimeter for as long as we remain here, which should be no longer than seven days. We only have to wait for the latecomers, as always…”, she added, shooting a look at the now still water of the bay.

The latecomers? Are you awaiting more ships than those three?”, asked the corporal.

Let’s say that we both are and are not.”, replied the woman in a mysterious tone.

But…”, the officer was about to ask for an explanation when bubbles and swirl started forming on the surface of the water in the center of the bay.

A dark shape started appearing under the water, getting bigger and closer to the surface, before finally revealing a large piece of white stone. The piece was quickly followed by the rest of the ship it belonged to and soon a fourth ship, smaller and with a round front and back, in the shape of a tube. It had no window anywhere. It stabilized at the surface and a door opened at the top of the first part to have come out of the water. A brown-haired man with a thin mustache and a blond woman came out of it one after the other. The man then saluted the four people watching them and smiled.

You should have waited for me before beginning the party!”, he shouted from the ship.

Hurry up Stone! We don’t have all day!”, exclaimed the captain of the Illilda, seemingly amused with his colleague’s attitude.

The cargo is with the Odenon,” then announced the oldest of the three captain present on the dock. “It is completely normal for you to be surprised corporal, very few people know that the Trinity is in fact a fleet of four ships, three cargo ships and a submersible.”

It can switch in mere instants from a cargo fleet to a fully operational armada capable of rivaling with a whole fleet but, as today, when our mission is simply to transport passengers and deliver goods it is not completely operational, which means it is vulnerable. This fourth submersible ship is undetectable and has been added to the fleet to protect it if time is needed.”, completed the young woman.

You may understand that due to its value and possible threat, this cargo must stay a secret for the time being, it will only be handed over to the lieutenant-general himself. It is very important, if not crucial, to the smooth progress of the preparations for the tournament.” Concluded the blond-haired man as his colleague from the submersible just joined them on the dock.

Of course!” replied the corporal once he got over his surprise. “You may unload it immediately, the special warehouse is fully ready for your arrival since this morning. It will remain our highest priority until transportation is ready.”

Excellent!” exclaimed the brunette woman. She then turned towards her men and started giving them orders to unload the cargo. “Men! Prepare to offload the Ortheus system!”

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