Now think of a number…

Can you feel the slumber

Taking over your mind

And your weakened body?

Leave all your doubts behind

To make yourself ready;

Let your mind float away

And listen to my voice,

Let the soft music sway

Your heart and make your choice,

Your eyes, they are heavy,

Quiet is night falling,

Listen in the silence,

Let open the levee,

Your old dreams are calling,

It’s time to take a chance.

Once you wake up again

You may not remember

All of this but will gain

More than restful slumber,

Now you are falling down

As slow as a feather,

You will not fear nor frown

The harsh and cold weather,

Instead you will feel live,

Oh you will feel hopeful,

Ready to jump and dive

Into the glass half full;

No excuse to make up,

It is time to wake up!


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