A Ballad for Death

When I started this blog/website (whatever) I originally planned to center it around my stories, specifically around Tales of Ore (or Récits d’Ore, in French), but also around others I had in mind, the short stories I was writing and perhaps try to post daily about my life.

I tried all three of those things.

The story’s progress came to an abrupt halt quite quickly, because my ability was (and is still) lacking, I never felt satisfied with what I was writing. The other stories suffered the same fate. I do still plan on continuing them one day, just… not today. The short stories still come, now and then, when I have time and I feel inspired and motivated to work on them. The daily posts lasted for about a hundred editions I believe, on and off, now and then, it was a good experience but not a great success I must say…

And then, almost out of nowhere, came poems.

I started writing one or two from time to time, because I felt like it and it was strangely fun. More than I had anticipated. I reproduced the experiment a few times, trying to do it as well as possible and on subjects that interested/fascinated/motivated me. And somehow, suddenly, it turned into a challenge to myself: write one each day for as long as possible. I didn’t know how far I would get, how good a work I would do, but I didn’t care, I wanted to try. It gave me something to work on regularly if I wasn’t going to do that with my ‘novels’. It also gave me an opportunity to practice poetry, both in English and in French, and to try to get better at it. It tested my determination because believe me, coming up with a poem a day is not that easy. Especially as time progresses. And it fit nicely into my plan of adding content to this site as regularly as possible.

At first I did it six days a week, five of those in English and one in French. Slowly I started mixing it up a little more, doing it more often – every day – and to try my hand at new themes, now ways of writing, new subjects, new things…

Time passed.

I reached fifty poems. Then a hundred. Then two. Then three. By that time I had wondered if I shouldn’t try collecting them under a common name and try publishing them (or some of them) someday. I settled on A Ballad for Death for the name, why? I couldn’t tell you, I am not sure myself. Perhaps the fact that Death is a mysterious, fascinating and recurrent theme in my work? And/Or perhaps I believe a ballad is a nice way to make an offering to this eternal lady of darkness.

So I reached three hundred, then four and then I closed up on five hundred. I started thinking about stopping (my inspiration was wavering slightly at the end) but I didn’t know when nor how. I thought of doing it at a random number between four hundred and five hundred but decided against it, I sort of settled on five hundred in the end. Because it was half a thousand, a round number and a heck of a lot of poems! And to make it even better, I wanted to find a common theme to the last poems, something that would mark the end of this journey with a nice touch and that would perhaps boost my  creativity. It did, end it nicely and boost my creativity I mean.

And here I am now, five hundred poems later.


It means, at least, more than a full year’s worth of daily writing. Quite a feat huh?

Did I get better? I hope so. Am I satisfied? I don’t know, in a sense yes, even if not everything I wrote is great, or even good or passable, I feel proud of having achieved so much. But also, no, because I want to keep going, I still have many things I want to talk about, to write about, to rhyme about. However, and it is the point I am trying to get to here, it is the end of an epoch, the end of a period of my life. It is the end of A Ballad for Death.

Surely I will keep writing, without a doubt, probably I will keep writing poetry and most likely as often as once a day. But not as part of this first compilation. Perhaps another, perhaps with another strange, melancholy name, I don’t know. But A Ballad for Death is over. Five hundred poems is all it gets. Which is quite a good number already.

Now I don’t know what I want to say here, nor exactly what I will do, but I wanted to mark this day as special. I have reached 500 poems, written one each day, every day for the past years and a half (almost, with a few exceptions) and this has been a great experience, a great time and a great help in discovering more of myself. Nothing is over though, I still breathe and as long as I do, so does my poetry.

That is about it, all I wanted to say.

So thank you to those who followed this incredible experience (this is how I view it for myself, not how I would qualify it objectively for everybody), who liked my work and who commented on it. Thank you to those who didn’t either for existing, because this world and life itself (and the complexity of both of them is what made me what I am today and what inspires me in what I do.

Thank you all and I hope that we will both enjoy what comes next just as much.

See ya soon!


3 thoughts on “A Ballad for Death

  1. 500 poems! Just wow. To me that is the epitome of creative. Perhaps if you seek a new venture from your 500 feat, you might be interested in partaking in the nanowrimo that is coming up. It is a challenge in itself and you never know what you might come up with. I think it is a great community project and it encourages daily writing. I am considering it myself, I wanted to do it last year, but I caught the flu at the start last year and lagged so far behind that I gave up.

    Whatever you decide to do, I am sure you will do a great job. Congratulations on your inspiring dedication!

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    • Thank you for your kind comment! :)

      I did think about this a few weeks back. NaNoWriMo is a very interesting project that I tried in 2013 and 2014, I believe. Each time I failed miserably, not because I didn’t have any idea of what to write but because I didn’t have the ability or the motivation to go through with it. However, sicne it’s a dailywriting project, it could be interesting indeed to follow this year! I’ll think about it more closely.

      I won’t stop writing poetry, so that is almost certainly staying, though I am not sure I will maintain the rhythm of a poem a day either.

      We’ll see! :)

      Anyway, thank you for your very kind words and keep on trying too, that’s the most important!

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