Friends since



Was it then? Was it in that moment?

In the instant our eyes met,

Did you find me very charmant?

I swear I knew, and yet

I did not act upon this feeling

And gave time to time itself

For it would have sent you reeling,

Me, to the dusty shelf

Of ‘maybe exes and others’ bunch,

Lucky for me time had stopped,

Or should I say I had a hunch?

Nah, my mind had just popped.

And when it returned, oh the colours!

Oh the sounds and oh the warmth,

And the loveliest of odors,

One that almost harmeth;

By chance or coincidence, that day,

I let the sand keep falling

But my friend, be it as it may,

I now thank this stalling.


Pachance is the mother of all virtue.

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