A Duet With Life

Worry not my friends for this post will not be as long as the one from earlier today, I simply wish to bring new of a new era in my poetic writings for, as you may have noticed if you have been stalking this website’s pages (Ha! As if anyone would do that…), I have added the page containing the poems in the new part of my collection.

After A Ballad For Death, let me introduce the second part, A Duet With Life, which is officially available for consultation and avid reading as of right now!

However, where A Ballad For Death was more of a challenge of quantity – sometimes over quality – where I set myself the task of writing each day for a year and a half, A Duet With Life shall be more free in its completion as I will write poems when they come to me. Perhaps that will be as often as one a day for periods of time but perhaps not, it is not the goal this time.

There won’t be much change in themes or inspiration, it will mostly be a continuation of my poetic wanderings but I do truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as you have in the previous era and as much as I enjoy writing them!


Finally, before leaving you for the evening, I want to answer the main question that would surely be asked to me if ever anyone was interested in this: why choose those two names? Is there any significance behind them? Well, the answer is: probably. I don’t really know why I chose A Ballad For Death, the most likely answer is that it partly came to me randomly, I was looking for a title with both a good power of evocation and meaning to me (a link to my writings).

And, though it may surprise you, death it actually one of the very recurring theme in my poetry, as is the act of dancing (in the lexical fields I use, in the images I play with and in the way I play with words, I dare say I [try to] “dance with words), and poetry is a form of lyrical oral art so it somehow fit perfectly. As for the second part, A Duet With Life, well, again, important themes, my way of playing with words and  contrast with the first part…

Now, if everything goes according to plan, this will not be the last part of my poetry and the next one(s) also have names that are connected and already planned!

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself and talking (or rather writing) way too much so I will leave you here, enjoy and see you later!

PS: a new poem coming tomorrow!


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