Why do you follow me?

I know that this might be another message in a bottle and that it might take years, if not centuries, for it to reach civilization but I have been wondering for a while now, marvelling at the fact that so many people (more than two hundred to this day) have decided to follow this website, and I would like to know:

Why do you follow me?

What has piqued your interest? Fueled your curiosity?

What made you click on my posts and what did you think of them?

I would really like to know all this, I am really, truly, genuinely curious to know the reasons that have made you want to know or to see more!

Also, is there anything else you would like to see here, something I have not done yet or something you would like me to explore again?

Or do you have any question you would like to ask me? Something you are itching to know or to discover about me, my works or this website?

Don’t hesitate, ask away, I will be glad to answer all of them! (Very happy and proud too!)

I don’t know, I am curious and I wanted to take the time to get to know you, whoever you might be, better and perhaps to understand what makes me, me, what make you, you, and why you enjoy what I do…

Thank you for the time you have given me these past months and years, see you soon! ;)


2 thoughts on “Why do you follow me?

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