Like a fateful cry in the unending night

Like tears upon smiling cheeks

Like hair of sand into the wind

Like the sweet smell of syrup first thing in the morning

Like loneliness in the silence of the world

Or the chatter of the heart among the tombs,


Like a strong word thrown against coarse stone

Like the running turtle and the walking hare

Like nothing ever before yet something ever since

Like a two faced mirror with no eyes

Like a bad metaphore or an ugly allegory

And the right to be the first to finish last,


Like finding something that was thought lost for so long

Like the second taste of it after the craving

Like “I mean, like like, not like like”

Like an angel wing sunk deep under the sea

Like those times one runs to them for comfort

But with the knowledge that everything ends,


Like Peace and War but teenage siblings

Like two plus two will always equal four

Like there is more to music than can be heard

Like a familiar presence in the empty spaces

Like what should be said and what shouldn’t

Yeah, like I even know what I’m talking about…


Like this or like that, but never quite like then.

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