About the story

Here are some infos about The Hero’s Mask that you may not know yet and that might help you understand the story a bit better.
The story happens in the future in the near future, it starts in 2038. It takes place on our planet, the Earth, in a more modern time. No flying cars (or are there…?) or evil space stations (like the death star, lucky for us) but some little things that are more advanced like fully electric cars, more powerful computers, new weapons and sources of energy. There are prototypes of spaceships (yes, like the ones in the movies, not like the rockets) but they are still quite scarce. Basically what is to know is that it’s a lot like nowadays, just more modern. Anyways you’ll see more of that as it progresses.
Now, as I said it, it happens on Earth. Our planet but yet a bit different. The continents are still all there but countries have changed and politics too. Europe has divided into three parts : western Europe (from Ireland ans Portugal to Germany and Italy), Northern Europe (Scandinavian countries and Russia) and South-Eastern Europe (from Poland to Greece and Turkey) due to political disagreements and economical problems. North America (Canada, US and North of Mexico) has fused in one big country (bit like UK) to compete with the Eastern Asian Conglomerate (and because USA sort of “invaded” [not a good term to define what I have in mind, but since it’s not really clear, i’ll leave it at that] Canada). Mexico is divided in two due to civil war (northern and southern).
South America is still pretty much the same, Africa is divided in less countries and is developing faster than any other part of the world. East Asia is like Europe now, united in an East Asian Conglomerate (very powerful industrial and technological region), South Asia and Oceania are independent and quite wealthy. That’s pretty much all for the geopolitical background that I have thought up to now.
The main action takes place in North America, in the fused region of the USA, Canada and North Mexico. It takes place in New York (which has continued to expand and now takes most of the eastern coast of the USA). The city is more modern and has a lot more people living in it. It encompasses many little cities and suburbs around the main megalopolis. USA’s Political system (well north America’s actually) has changed a little and it’s now like one big country divided in regions.
To finish, the school system that I depict is quite the same to what it is now (for me at least). There are four cycles in the studies : primary studies (children under 11 years old), secondary studies (for children from 11 to 15), tertiary studies (from 16 to 18) and advanced studies (for older students). Maximilian, in the beginning of the story, will start his second year of tertiary studies.
I hope this helps you see what the world I imagined is made of and to dive deeper in it. I hope you enjoy what you are reading up to now!

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