doctor-who-logo-600x337I’m the Doctor. But, doctor who ? Just the Doctor.

Who am I ?

That is indeed a very interesting question.

Firstly, my name is Soar Vandergeid, or at least that is my pen name. I am a storyteller, or at least I like to think of myself as such. I am a man who likes to imagine stories, invent worlds and try to write them down on paper for others to enjoy. I do not see myself as a great writer but I have the conviction that my ideas are worth the tale, that the world and the characters I have brought to life through my words are worth telling about. And through this blog I would like to share these stories of mine with you readers.

I am also a poet of sorts. I try my hand at poetry quite often and though I never really thought I would become passionate about it, I actually have a collection of five hundred and more poems here. I am not proud of all of them, I am not satisfied with a lot of them and I don’t feel like I am good enough to be considered a ‘true’ poet btu I try my best and let my passion carry me to new heights!

Now, enough about the site and more about me !

My name is Soar Vandergeid but it isn’t. This is the pen name I have chosen to create this blog but, as you might have guessed (or not), it is not my real name. I’m 23 as of last summer and I live in France. French is therefore my mother tongue but I like to believe I can speak English quite well too (though I may be overestimating myself a bit). I’m “fluent” but I still have many things to learn (both in English and in French) and I try my best to deliver the best work I can. So, if ever you find mistakes, things that don’t seem right in my way of writing, don’t hesitate to point them out, I’m here to learn as much as I can !

Now, back to me. Yes, I love me ! So as I said, I’m French, I live in France and I speak French. Then why the hell do I write in English ?! I hear you ask. Well that is very simple, I have two reasons actually: first, because I can and I want to, to learn how to speak, write and read it better and better! Secondly because English is much more widespread than French, a lot more people speak the language of Shakespeare around the world that Moliere’s. I won’t lie, I also write in French, it’s a bit easier for me, but I wanted to do this because believe me or not I take my notes about the story in English and most of the time I think it in English. I visualize as a movie and most of the cool movies, I must admit, are in English. So there, I said it. English is cool to talk and to listen to things, it helps a lot on Youtube but, that said, French will always be my favorite !

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was in high school (we call it college in France, it may not be what you know as college so feel free to check it out), so around 13 to 14 years old. That’s when I really started thinking about writing stories, my stories. I had already been thinking, imagining bits an pieces of them for some time already, but as it had become more clear over the years I finally decided to take the first step in writing them and took a sheet of paper and a pen and I scribbled a few words on it. It was not good, quite bad in fact, but it was mine and its what gave me the desire to do more, to try and expand, and perhaps someday complete these stories.

Since then I’ve been scribbling as often as I could, as much as I could, it hasn’t always been easy or very productive but bit by bit, word by word, I’m getting closer to finishing them. Now I want to share them with you and I hope that one day we will be able to see my work complete and perhaps even read by others.


5 thoughts on “About

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment (it’s so rare) and for the compliment! :D
      I can’t agree more. Originally I speak French but I’ve had the amazing chance to learn English when I was younger and I really understand how precious this sort of knowledge is!
      I’ve also been studying German at school but it’s so much harder to learn than I remember English was, so I understand how lucky I am.
      It’s amazing to be able to understand a few different languages like this, I’d like to learn so much more but it’s really difficult… It’s doable but putting a lot of work into it is necessary. And there’s really nothng better than to go and actually speak the language in its country of origin.
      Anyway, I’m not that good with English but I’m trying my best and I hope I’m improving over time!
      Thank you for taking time to pass by and for the likes, it means a lot! ;)

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