Quotidian n° 103 – The new layout of things

Hello dear readers!

I hope you are doing well!

I am doing quite fine myself on this beautiful day, I have been writing things and changing the layout of the site today and this past few weeks, you may have noticed a few changes but, just for the sake of being as clear as possible, here is what’s new on Tales of Ore:

Firstly, as you may have noticed, I have been mainly posting poetry recently (as I said in the previous Quotidian), I am feeling quite inspired by this type of writing right now so that is what I am focusing on at the moment. It’s a very interesting exercise, very useful to get better at saying things in beautiful and not too long way, it forces you to find roundabout solutions and learn new vocabulary! so, yeah, it’s fun. Plus you seem to like it too so I’m really happy! (Got lots of likes for the poems I posted which is awesome, I’m really proud to see that my writings are enjoyed! Thank you!)

But. Yes, always the but. Fear not! As I said in the last Quotidian, I have also been working on my other projects at the same time, like Tales of Ore which is slowly (actually veeery slowly) taking form again in my mind and which I will share when I feel that it is ready enough. Or also, for those who are interested, Echoes of Power, which I promised to update soon a number of days ago already. I have been working on it and I feel that I have almost solved the ‘date ending’ problem (I know I said that last time but this time I swear it is really true!) so I should be able to post the next parts of the story very very (very!) soon!

However, that is not all! As you surely have noticed if you come by from time to time, the layout of the menu at the top of the site and the global layout of the site has changed a bit. I have been reorganizing things to make it more clear and easier to understand and navigate. For example, I have created a page that regroups all the poems I have written and published on the website, which you can find here, and a page doing the same for all the short stories/texts/essays (if you can call them that) that I have written, you can find that here. (By the way, I have rediscovered a few of them I had completely forgotten and had not tagged with anything, which was kind of a nice surprise because I really find them cool [not saying that to make you want to go take a look or anything, no no…])

The second main change that I have been making is to start adding the content I have been creating in French. As you can see, most of the main pages are now both in English and in French, which is done in order to make it easier for my French-speaking readers, but you, foreign speakers, can also enjoy them if you want to, it’s not restricted in the least! The main example of that is for the story Tales of Ore that I am rewriting in French under the title of Récits d’Ore that you can find here. This is the version I will be mainly working on from now on, I might update the English one from time to time but I am focusing more on Echoes of Power as the story I’m writing in English.

So, yeah, these are the biggest changes that have been going lately though in the near future I am going to also take a look at all the things I have posted/published here to try to update the information that is not up to date anymore (like my bio, which needs to be refreshed a little) or the main page which I might change a little because it doesn’t exactly fit what I wan to do anymore. So yeah, more changes to come in the future, all for the best I hope.

So, in the meantime, if you have any remarks, questions or any comment of any sort to make about anything here (whether it is positive or negative) you can just post a comment or contact me via the dedicated page, either on social medias or via the contact form. I am always open to criticism and praise! *haha*

Anyways, that is all for today, I hope you enjoy your stay here and you have a good time!

See you later ‘gators!



Quotidian n°102 – You can do anything

Do you ever have this feeling? You know, that moment where you feel you could do anything, literally anything? You feel like you could jump out the window and just take flight or defeat and entire army of ninjas in sweep or even finish writing a 10000 words long essay in less than an hour? Yeah, that awesome feeling. Well I am feeling it, right now. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s the music I’m listening to (Nightingale by Demi Lovato if you are wondering, which I’m listening to over and over; yeah, I like what she does), if it’s the fact that I feel so inspired by the things I’m writing (I have so many ideas of what I could do for my stories and I feel inspired to write poetry too, it’s crazy) or if it’s because of the weather (I explained how I lived with the weather in an earlier Quotidian, feeling good when it the sun was out and a bit depressed when there are clouds) but in any case I feel great and I want to do so many things. It’s almost crippling because I know that I won’t be able to achieve even half of what I have in mind, but in any case I want to do it and I am quite pumped about it so, yeah, I’m good!

Yep, that was just a little happy/excited rant I had to get out. Don’t know why, just had to. I really hope you guys are going well too and I wish you a very Happy Easter! :D (even if it’s a little late for that) Enjoy the cute rabbit!


PS: I also have those strange Hulk/Mr. Hyde moments sometimes, where I feel like yelling at everything and breaking things for literary no reason. I can’t explain why or how it happens but I somehow am continuously yelling my own thoughts in my head and have this urge to do everything very quickly as if I was possessed. But that it maybe just me going crazy… Anyways, have a nice day people! ;)

PPS: Also, for those interested, I have been working on Echoes of Power, the new chapters are slowly being written, I still have to find a valid conclusion to Alexandre’s date with Chloe but once I have the series will kick off again and I will begin publishing a part each day. I just have a lot of difficulty figuring out how to end it properly… So, yeah, coming soon!


No update today.

I’m not updating Echoes of Power today, nor am I posting anything else except this short post because I had (and have) a lot of work for tomorrow and the rest of the week and despite being able to write a bit tonight I didn’t and will not have time, until tomorrow evening at least, to make sure it’s something that I can post so, yeah, sorry but no update today.

Tomorrow though you will get new things, don’t worry!

Back. Not in black but from slack, which isn’t bad.

Hey. I’m back.

Well, ‘back’, that’s a cute word. I hadn’t really left in fact, but I didn’t publish anything this previous month (yup, 30 days without anything new, can you imagine that?!).

Reason was : I wanted to focus on my studies to get into the right rhythm of work for this year and I also had a lack of inspiration which resulted in a lot less motivation last month. I spent a lot of time thinking about the stories I was writing and the way I was writing them. This forced me to reconsider many of my ways of working and to realize that what I had accomplished until now, despite being big, wasn’t nearly as good as what I wanted to make at first. It discouraged me a bit, I have to admit.

Realizing what you have done for years doesn’t suit you is not a good thing, and I’ve got a slight notion of this since it also happened in my studies, it took me three years of non-motivation and unhappiness to finally admit I wanted something else. The same goes, in a way, for my stories. I am doing something I love by writing them, by putting my ideas into words but I’m not satisfied.

This resulted in two separate decisions : one, I would take a deep and long look at each of my stories and ponder whether it was worth it to continue like this or to change my ways of telling them. Two, I would rework those that really needed it from scratch and keep writing the others like I was doing it while trying to get better at doing it. It isn’t easy because I’ve put a lot of work into these stories and having to start over is very demoralizing. But it has also made me accept the fact that I can’t do something perfect on the first try, it sometimes take failing to make something good.

So here is the plan I have come up with and to which I will stick for now :

I will keep writing Echoes of Power in the same format as before, short chapters of about five hundred words, and work back on it over time as I turn these small parts into real chapters and put them online that way. It means that there will still be a chapter a day but from time to time you will also see a complete chapter, made from the aggregation of the different parts, pop up. It’ll have been reworked and will probably be a bit different, god knows I need to read what I wrote again to correct the awful mistakes I’m sure I have made. The story will continue normally however, you will get to see how the plot evolves little by little. I have begun posting again since last week so check it out if you’re interested.

About Of Shadow and Feathers now. This is a bit trickier because I have realized that the way I had written the story wasn’t what I had started with, it wasn’t how I wanted to tell it so I have to start over from scratch and it might take some time to get it back online. Plus I have decided to focus on the version in French for the moment, I’m a lot more comfortable to write it that way. It will definitely come back in English some day but not in the near future (unless you can’t live without it, in which case I’ll try to make an effort I promise!).

I have also been reviewing my other projects but for the moment none of them is ready to start being published/posted here. Plus I’ve long realized that working on multiple stories is good to overcome writer’s block but sadly it divides the time I can dedicate myself to a specific one (namely Echoes of Power and Of Shadow and Feathers), I will try to focus only on these two a bit more from now on.

As for my inspiration, don’t worry, it’s back (along with my motivation) so I will be updating quite often. All I hope is that you enjoy my ideas as much as I do when I’m writing!

Thank you for reading and see you soon, dear reader!

Three Zero Zero

So yeah, in other new I’ve reached three hundred posts! \o/


I think I had a lot more to say a few days ago when I realized I was going to reach three hundred posts but I forgot it all… And in my great intelligence I didn’t write any of it down…

Therefore I will simply thank you, dear readers, congratulate myself on this achievement and hope for the best in future months.

See you soon people! Very soon. :D

Echoes of Power Update – IMPORTANT

Hey! Quick message, ’cause I’m tired, to all of you who read Echoes of Power : I have updated chapter 38 and chapter 39, they are completely different so go take a look because that will change a lot for the next parts of the story.

The reason I have just updated them and that I haven’t posted anything in the last few days is exactly the same : three days ago I realized I had skipped over a whole part of the chapter I was working on and had missed a lot of important things (yeah, they are important even if they don’t seem to be).

I had a short dilemma about what to do : continue on like this or rewrite them and add the parts I had omitted? I decided to go for the later because I felt they were important. So, yeah, sorry for the wait and here are parts 38 and 39 edited with the new chapters for you to enjoy!

I really didn’t want to post them without posting the rest of the chapter I owe you and the ones I re wrote, but in the end I decided to do it very late tonight because I was finishing up on the last paragraph of today’s chapter and I wanted to post something. But adding 8 chapters all at once didn’t seem a good idea so I opted to do it a bit more slowly, updating 38 and 39 tonight and adding the rest tomorrow. So, don’t worry, you will have everything I owe you by tomorrow! And you will have them all along the day so look out for extraordinarily frequent updates! x)

Now, I’ve also been working on that Halo project, mainly by watching the games, and I have recently watched Halo 4 : Spartan Ops, which was really cool and made me like Palmer, the spartan IVs and Lasky (and Roland! :D) even more, so yeah, chapter 1 is coming along slowly but nicely, I’ll be sure to give you guys and update when it’s finally published!

Also the french section of the blog should be arriving very soon too, I’m still working on uploading the stories on the blog but I should officially post them during the week too so look out for that too! ;)

Thank for reading and good night all, it is past time for me to go to sleep so see you later people and have fun!

Quotidian n°101 – Much ado about something

I have been extremely busy these past few days, especially with things unrelated with my writing. This is why I haven’t posted anything (or almost anything) during the past week.

I am not gone however and I still have the blazing motivation to continue my stories and updating this blog!

The only thing I lacked this week was alone time to focus on Echoes of Power, of which I owe you almost a full week’s worth now!, and to work on these little side projects I’ve thought up recently.

The first thing I would like to introduce you to is the major change that will come this blog in the next few days : I will add a french section, where I will publish the stories I’ve written in their original version (well for most of them, not all at least) which is in French.

I have been asked by a few friends if they could read my writing anywhere and sadly I haven’t updated my old blog (which is in French) for a while and I don’t plan to do so a lot in the future.Therefore I have decided to also post the stories in French here in the En Français section for those who want to take a look. (There isn’t much right now but soon I’ll start adding content)

The second big (well rather medium-sized actually) news of the week is that I have also started working on a Halo fan fiction that has been bugging me for a few days now since I’ve started re-immersing myself into that universe. I am currently watching complete playthroughs of all (and I mean ALL) the Halo games so it might take some time to get the chapters out since I want the plot to be as coherent as possible with the original universe, but fear not, it will come soon!

You can find the prologue to the fan fiction on Fanfiction.net, my username is the same as here : Soar Vandergeid. Or, if you’re really lazy you can simply click here –> Forward into darkness (yeah, that’s the name of the fanfic. Reminds you of something?)

Finally, I will be catching up with the long-due chapters of Echoes of Power so prepare your minds to fest on the marvellous plot I have prepared for you guys! :P

Alright, I think that this is all for today, see you later folks with all new chapters of EoP! :D

Quotidian n°100 – We’ve done it people, we’ve done it!

This is the post of the century!


We have officially done it people, the hundredth Quotidian has finally been reached! It’s taken me a few more days that what I would’ve like to get the nerve to write it but it’s been a strangely difficult decision (keep reading, I’ll explain myself), I didn’t have much to say during the last few days and I had no motivation whatsoever to just write about something random. I wanted to do something about something interesting, or at least a subject that interested me. But as days went by and I still had no idea I finally motivated myself to just get on with it and finish this simple yet complicated task. And I also decided myself.

As I have finally reached this peak, this important step in my blog (reaching the hundredth post in a daily category is awesome and really amazing!), I was also plagued with a question and a decision to take. I have realized, over the course of the last few days and weeks, that it was difficult for me to write the Quotidians everyday. One, because I had to get into the habit of writing a bit everyday, but that became easier and easier as time passed, I got sort of used to it. Two, because I had to find subjects that were interesting enough to talk about, my life being what it is, is not always the most interesting thing to talk about and finding other things to talk about is hard… And thirdly, I realized that I had indeed become a daily writer, I started the Stanley series, hoping to make it as regular as the Quotidians, but that went not so well.

Since I’ve started re-writing Echoes of Power in the form of daily short chapters though, things have become a lot easier, I have almost no problem writing a chapter a day, sometimes two or three, and posting it regularly. That is how I realized that the Quotidians had reached their goal, served their purpose, they made me write every day and become used to it. I have become able to write a little every day without much problems. And that is awesome! But at the same time I realized that I didn’t really need the Quotidians anymore, and since they were becoming harder to make (finding ideas and things from my daily routine to talk about is NOT easy, believe me!) I understood that I maybe would have, or at least want, to stop them soon. And that made me a bit sad. That’s partly why I haven’t written it earlier, because I wanted to preserve the series as long as I could? Because Quotidians helped me more than I can imagine. And because, when I started, I was hoping to make it last as long as I was active on this blog. sadly it did not seem to be the case.

Then I realized I was being stupid… Why stop Quotidians when I could simply begin writing them when I wanted to and not make it a daily thing anymore? Yeah, that’s me, an idiot. I can just write them less regularly, that solve the problem. As easy as a snap of the finger. Stupid Soar! Ahem, anyway, so yeah.  Quotidians will not disappear in the end, they’ll just become a bit rarer, Echoes of Power having replaced them with the daily post. I for one, think that it makes things a bit more interesting and I will be more motivated to write a story daily than just talk about my life… Yah, that’s almost certain! I will however post unrelated things from time to time, like when I see a good movie or hear a great song, I’ll share it with you!

So, to conclude, yeah, happy anniversary to me! Happy Hundredth Quotidian! Yay! And also not-goodbye to them! (Phew, that’s a relief!)

Thanks for reading and for having followed me until now! I have many things in store for you people, many projects I want to make come to life so be on the look out for that! And also, I will resume posting Of Shadow and Feathers soon, I promise, I’ve been so taken in other things that I haven’t even written one word of that story for a while… But it will be back on your screens soon, I promise!

Ps: The Hero’s Mask and the other stories will also be updated in due time, don’t worry. Just wait for me a bit please! :)

Quotidian n°99 – Happy birthday to meeee! :D

Studies show that people living the oldest are the ones who have the most birthdays. Coincidence? I think not…

So, yeah, today was my birthday.

I really didn’t know what to talk about (or rather tonight, because it’s already almost one a.m. here…) in today’s Quotidian, then I remembered it was my birthday today. O rather yesterday, since we’re already the twentieth of July here. But anyways, yep, it’s the annual day of celebration for my entry into this world!

Having been born on the 19th of July 1994, I am now a living being that has managed to successfully reach the canonical age of 21. Damn, I feel old saying that… I’m still a sixteen-seventeen year old in my head, I’m not ready to be 21… It’s so depressing and sad…

No no no! Stop that! I have to view it on the good side, I’m twenty-one! Officially an adult, officially recognized as not-a-child-anymore in every part of the known world and perhaps even beyond! Isn’t that great?! I can officially go and have a drink while playing in a casino in the U.S., how cool is that?!

Anyway, that’s a big step and not so much a big step at the same time for me.

It’s a big step because I’m twenty-one and I enter my third decade of life, I’ve already lived for two decades, do you imagine? Yeah, that’s probably short for all you old people (#joke) but for me it’s a lot, I’m already quarter-of-a-century-plus-one-year old! I can do everything limited by age legally now! (Except getting elected in Italy for some reason, that’s twenty-five years old…) Plus I’m unofficially recognised as a real man, which seems a bit strange but I should get used to it rather quickly.

It’s less of a big deal on the administrative side of the thing, I’m already an adult since my eighteenth birthday and I can drink, play in a casino and vote since then because I live in France, a great country on that part! So I’m not getting any new privilege/power/right because this year. Or if I do I’m not aware of it and I’ll have to check that out asap! (I’ll really have to though, may be important…) I do, however, have the right to do these things in the U.S. now, which is cool since I want to go there soon.

Now, being 21, there are still a few things that I have to catch up with. Finally getting my driving license would be nice for example. Also getting a full and real beard (it’s on the way but still not quite there yet). I don’t have any other in mind but I know there are things I have to catch up with, and quickly!

So yeah, I’m officially and adult male, a man, to the eyes of the whole wide world. Hurray for me! Huzzah! Awesome! Youpiiii!

I’m so happy for myself… *wipes a tear running down his cheek*

Happy Birthday myself, keep living, a long a happy life, and keep following your dreams! Happy 21! :D


Quotidian n°98 – Today I worked on a few things and it’s moving slowly but surely!

I like trains! *VROUUUUUUUUUM*

So today I worked quite a lot on Echoes of Power, I wrote almost three chapters in the span of one hour, which is quite productive and good I think since I was also doing other things at the same time. I don’t know why but I felt very motivated and compelled to write about this story this afternoon, I just started listening to music and then I got this feeling that I usually get at night, that I HAD to write about it and that I could write a lot if I just got to it. So I did just get to it. And I wrote, a lot and really fast… It was fun and really nice to be able to advance in the story so much so easily! So yeah, I posted two parts of the story this afternoon, part 20 and part 21, which you can go read out there. I also updated them on Movellas and started posting them on Wattpad to, to try to get more readers interested in my writing. This might help finding an artist who’d agree yo work with me, who knows… I’m hopeful!

Other than that I did a few other things today, like finally starting to clean my room. Seriously, it was overcrowded with object and useless stuff, dust and all those other things that eventually find themselves lying on the ground. So yeah, I started taking care of it and putting away a number of things I didn’t need and putting in their right place the other things. It took me an hour just to make some space around my bed and my desk with all the important papers and useless junk I had to take out, plus I had to decide if I was going to keep it or not, if it was important or not really , and then put it in the bag destined to the trash. I made some progress but I still have a lot of things to take care of, like my old toys that tale so much place on my shelves and my old school stuff that I won’t need from now on but that is just lying there on the ground… I should be able to make it if I really get to it though. Might even finish this quickly, who knows?

Other than that I watched the stream of the NVidia event today, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Challenge, which regrouped a few streamers from different nationalities and made them play against each others on different games (like DoTA, CS:GO, Chivalry, etc.) while representing their country. Sadly France only came out fourth even if we dominated most of the competition. The whole day, or at least what I could see of it (I’ll have to watch the VODs), was really cool. Three of my favorite streamers were there, the Wankil Studio, made of Laink and Terracid, was playing for the french team with Thaek (another streamer I know a bit less) and Zerator was commenting the whole thing for the french public with Wapinoux who, I discovered, is very funny and whom I’m going to watch more of from now on! So yeah, the whole thing was quite a success, it was really cool and fun to watch, despite the few issues that arose from time to time. So I wouldn’t say it was the perfect event but it was cool and I had a lot fo fun watching it!

Yep, that’s what happened during my day! I hope you too had a good day and I wish you a very good evening or night, depending where you are. See you later folks! ;)