The Empirium

The Empirium is the art of manipulating Mana, an energy that is present in every single thing and characterizes itself by the fact that it can be wielded to create extraordinary phenomenons. Each person is able to wield it, though it is easier to some more than others and it requires training and dedication which discourages most people. Most of them learn just enough to use magical objects in everyday life. Empirium is divided in five main categories, these categories don’t represent the whole of it but they are the five major branches : magic, sorcery, alchemy, shamanism and summoning. Basically Empirium, or empirium, is the art of wielding Mana, an energy that is present in everything, and using it to bend the natural laws of the world at one’s will.

Photoshop_Magical_elements_035494_Magic, or elemental magic, revolves around the usage and manipulation of natural elements like water, air, fire, earth and so on. It is one of the easiest branches of empirium (the art of using Empirium) and it is mostly used by using the energy of the elements already present around the user.

adventure-time-jake-wizard-magic-the-gathering-jace-beleren-jpg-1744701Sorcery allows the use of Empirium via the medium of ancient words, spoken in the olden language, and contrary to magic it often needs a casting time. It also allows to make spells that can last in time.

This is compensated by the fact that the spells are more powerful than when using magic. It is used by drawing into one’s own energy reserves.

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Alchemy is the art of using Empirium with seals and runes or via magical objects, its basic power is often said to be in-between magic and sorcery. It is mostly relying on the notion of equivalent exchange which implicates a transformation of energy or matter into something else. It is also used to reinforce spells or inhibiting them by using powerful symbols.

Img700201143269711Shamanism is the art of manipulating and communicating with the spirit and the spiritual world. It allows the user to reinforce his own spirit or attack and defend other’s without damaging he body.

It is used to create illusions, to take control over someone for the more powerful shamans and it is the source of necromancy.


excerpt_ap_0327_9443Summoning is often considered as a secondary branch of Shamanism as it is the art of fighting by controlling or ‘fusing’ the spirits of two living beings (usually the caster and another living being). But it is independent due to the fact that it is not only about fighting by controlling or cooperating with other beings (like dragons) but also about creating a being to fight with (like golems). It symbolizes a symbiotic link (more than a spiritual link) between the caster and the being it has been casted upon, the two then learn to fight in perfect synchronization.