Stanley Serial

this story has nothign to do with the stanley parable _ 2


His name is Stanley, just Stanley…

What is Stanley?

Well to put it simply it is a short serial of about 500 words per part/chapter that I try to post daily.

It’s the story of Stephanie and her quest for revenge when her honor is violated by a criminal that goes by the name of The Duck as he robs the back she is peacefully working in as a secretary. This is her vengeance, this is her story.

It’s an idiotic plot wrapped in a strange story so beware, you might like it as much as you might find it completely stupid…

Also, it’s rated M for mature content.

The chapters :

Season 1

Part 1Part 2Part 3 – Part 4Part 5Part 6 – Part 7 – Part 8 – Part 9Part 10 – Part 11 – Part 12 – Part 13 – Part 14 – Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30

End of Season 1

Season 2

Part 31Part 32 – Part 33Part 34


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