Stanley – 22


Rated M for mature content.

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“So… We’re just going there like this?” Asked Michel, following the nude and curvaceous body of the young woman across the room as she collected her clothes.

“Yup, just like that!” Replied the young woman as she took of the towel and the too large shirt she had put on not to get too cold.

“Mais, I mean… Are you sure about that?” He questioned her again, seeming unsure of the course of action to follow.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” She replied as she put on her top and her jeans.

The young woman then turned around and looked at Michel, noticing his unsure expression.

“Oh come on! We can’t go to the police, you know what they would do? Plus if they learned about your ability… No. And we can’t wait and have him escape before we can get there can we?” She exclaimed, sitting on the bed and extending her legs to put on her socks under Michel’s attentive gaze.

“Non, it is true as you say. But it will be dangerous non?” He asked.

“I know, but what choice do I have?” Stephanie sighed, stopping for a second to look at him. “Are you going to help me or not?” She then asked as she resumed dressing up.

The man with the neatly trimmed beard remained silent for a moment, unconsciously scratching said beard as he pondered his thoughts, before he replied.

“Yes, evident I’m coming with you my dear. I’m just warning you against the danger, but I will have your back!” He finally said as he stood up.

“Thank you Michel.” Stephanie thanked him, standing up and giving him a passionate kiss before turning around and taking her coat.

“Uh, no- no problem ma chère!” Replied the man, his cheeks a bit red and his pants somewhat a bit tighter than before. “Toutes fois I don’t have a car , so how do you plan to get there?” He asked after a few seconds, remembering he didn’t indeed own a car which meant that they would have to find a way of transportation other than that one.

Stephanie stopped for a moment, silently cursing, before remembering they lived in a huge city. There still were the taxis, the buses, the metro or even the city bicycles if they were desperate enough, they had all they needed to get there! Though time was precious so maybe not the bikes…

“Don’t worry, I have a few ideas.” She replied before printing a plan of the city with the location of The Duke’s hideout marked out on it. “We have to hurry though, he might already be gone!” She added as she rushed out of the room to gather the remaining stuff she had brought with her.

“Oui!” Exclaimed Michel as he put on a pair of snickers and a coat.

Ha, we’ve got you now! Thought Stephanie with a smirk as they closed the door of the light-haired man’s apartment and rushed out of the building towards the nearest metro station.

To be continued…


Stanley 17


Rated M for mature content.

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Two hours later, as noon was almost upon the city, they finally lied down in the hot water of the tub on top of each other, each enjoying the hot water and the feeling of the other on their skins.

“Haaa, this is nice…” Said Michel with a contempt smile.

“Uhuh…” Grunted Stephanie as a reply, unable to form complete words or sentences since she had ended on top of the hallway shelf, panting and sweating from the incredibly pleasant coordinated exercise.

After almost half an hour in the bath spent simply relishing the hot water and listening to the distant sound of cars in the background the bearded man finally spoke again.

“So my dear, what did you have in mind to achieve your goal?” Stephanie turned around to look at him, slightly surprised as he said so.

“So, you’re really going to help me?” She asked.

“Why yes ma chère! It is, after all, the will of the prophecy! Plus I may be a bit self-centered, de temps en temps, but I never turn down a friend in need of my assistance!” He replied with a proud smile.

“Wow, thank you Michel!” She replied as she stroked lightly his wet torso hair. “Well, I do have an idea about what I’m going to do to him once I get that bastard but the first thing I need is to find him and I have no idea where to start…”

Michel didn’t reply immediately, he seemed to be deep in thoughts as she turned around again to look at his face. They stayed like this for a moment, the seconds passing by as the man was apparently mentally listing their options and Stephanie simply watching the small wrinkles of his forehead, almost seeing the gears turn in his mind.

“Eh bien, if you say this criminal, The Duck, is quite famous, perhaps there would be some information about him somewhere?” He finally offered, more in the form of an interrogation than as an official piece of advice.

Stephanie mulled over his words in silence, having thought about that but looking at this option once more. Where could there be something about him? The police? Surely but they would never divulge anything to her. The media? Probably but whatever they had they would keep to themselves. Where then? That’s when it hit her. Of course! She thought as she hit her palm with a closed fist. If there was anywhere to look it was there!

The only place where conspiracy theories could grow in popularity overnight, the place where videos of murders were as popular as videos of cute kittens, the only place where a picture could be photoshopped and reused thousands of times in situations more and more stupid than the original purpose. The place where anything was possible : the fearsome kingdoms of The Internet!

To be continued…

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Stanley 16


Rated M for mature content.

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“Why, of course ma chère amie!” He immediately replied. “What do you need my help for?”

“I know this is going to sound a bit crazy but…” Stephanie paused for a second, reflecting on what she was about to say.

Did she really trust him? Was he going to react as she thought he would? But, most of all, was she ready to do what she had planned? The young woman sighed, rubbing her forehead nervously before deciding that yes, she was ready to get revenge.

“There is someone I want to kill.” She simply added after a few seconds of silence.

She didn’t immediately look up at the man sitting in front of her, fearing his reaction, but when she did she found him looking at her with a surprised look.

“Excusez moi, you want to kill someone? That’s what you said right? I didn’t hear wrong?” Michel asked slowly as he looked at her with a frown.

“Yes, that’s what I said.” Replied Stephanie, steeling her nerves.

“But who? And why?” Asked the man in his thirties.

Stephanie hadn’t quite expected that reaction, she had imagined Michel jumping back and yelling at her, telling her she was crazy to think about doing something like that, but instead he seemed strangely calm.

“The Duck.” She simply replied and Michel’s eyes widened as he understood.

“Oh.” He said before becoming silent for a moment. “Because of what happened at the bank? You want to avenge those poor people?”

“Yeah, partly because of that. But also because I have a personal grudge against him, he did something I will never be able to forgive him for and I want to see him gone from this world!” She explained with a calm voice though her anger towards the master criminal could be felt in her words.

“I see.” The man with the neatly trimmed beard replied. “Mais why now and why me?” He asked, seemingly puzzled by these facts.

“Because you are the only one I can count on right now.” Explained Stephanie. “You listened to my story and you didn’t chase me away, you helped me. And also because I somehow trust you.”

Michel looked at her with a strange look, it was a mix of compassion, pride and lust. Men! Thought Stephanie with a sigh as she realized he had stolen a quick look at her chest through the shirt. Strangely though, the guy seemed to care about her, even if it was less about her ordeals than about her body, but she didn’t care, as long as she could use him it was fine.

“Okay, but pourquoi now? Why not later? And why do you think it is your job to get him?” He then asked, letting once again his curiosity take over.

“Because of The Prophecy.” Stephanie simply replied, taking a last sip of her wine.

“Oh.” Said Michel once again. “Okay dans ce cas, I will help you my dear!” He exclaimed with a smile as he also finished his glass in one sip.

He put his glass back down on the table and nearly fell on the ground as Stephanie jumped on him, tearing of the shirt she was wearing and throwing away the boxer shorts that covered the little not-so-little-actually it could cover and they both ended up on the cold ground in a naked mess of flesh and moans once more.

To be continued…

Stanley 15


Rated M for mature content.

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They looked at each other for a moment, none of them speaking before Michel started talking again.

“Well, I don’t really know you Stephanie, mais… I trust you. So, to tell you the truth, no, this ‘effect’, as you say, I have on people is natural it is not the result of me being an alternate.” He said as he also took a sip of his wine. “Although, this is.” He added as he extended his arm in front of him and opened his hand.

Stephanie’s eyes widened as a small rose made in paper hovered over his open palm, she saw the origami piece dance around his fingers as the man in his thirties moved them.

“How-” She started but she interrupted herself immediately, understanding what he had meant.

He was an alternate, just not what she had thought him to be.

“I trust you mademoiselle Stephanie, this is the only reason I show you this. I don’t know why I do but I feel like I can. This is what I, as an alternate, can do. I can control paper at will but only the size of an A3 at the same time.” Michel Durant explained with a small smile. “I am taking a chance here and I hope you are not with them.”

Stephanie remained unable to speak for a few seconds, simply contemplating the small paper flower dancing over the man’s hand.

“I- No, I’m not from the government!” She replied rasing her hands slightly in a pacific stance. “The reason I asked you this was because I thought you could, uhm…”

She hesitated to continue, feeling slightly stupid at her reasoning. If it wasn’t his ability it meant that she had been naturaly charmed by him and she couldn’t admit falling for such an overseductive personality.

“That I could what ma chère?” Michel asked, curious.

“That the effect you had on me was your ability…” She explained as her cheeks got redder.

“Whatever do you mean?” He asked again, apparently not getting what she was implying.

“Well, I mean… Uh, you know what? Never mind…” Stephanie dismissed the topic with her hand and a nervous smile which Michel didn’t seem to notice.

“Okay, well non, my ability is to control paper.” He said without minding the young woman’s strange attitude.

“Yeah, about that…” Continued Stephanie, glad to have been able to change the subkect without too much problem. “What do you mean by an A3 sheet?”

“Ah!” Exclaimed her new friend. “Well, it’s exactly as it sounds, I can only control paper with a maximum surface of an A3 sheet at a time…”

“Right.” The young woman replied while trying to supress the small smile that was spreading on he lips.

She had heard that there were strange abilities out there but this was one really useless power. Well, whatever! He’ll still be useful in other way!

“Well Michel, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. However, I have a request to make of you, will you help me?” She then asked.

To be continued…

Stanley 14


Rated M for mature content.

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“There, that’s better.” She added as she sat back in her chair.

He gave her a simple but extremely-difficult-not-to-sigh-dreamily-at smile and Stephanie felt her nether regions become humid again. Damn it! I have to get him to stop doing that, it’s not good for my health! Why do I keep reacting like that by the way? I really don’t get it…

“You are truly a unique woman Stephanie.” He said as he suddenly stood up and walked towards the other side of the room before opening a cupboard.

“How so?” Replied the young woman.

“Usually, when I bring back a gorgeous lady they can’t keep their hands off me. It’s really flattering but it can also be annoying at some times, but you don’t, I find it surprising but also quite agreeable.” He explained, his back completely turned towards her, totally exposed and muscled and toned… No! Stop doing that brain!

“You’re seriously saying you are so desirable that it becomes annoying?” Asked Stephanie in a sarcastic tone, slightly irritated by his nerve and the fact that he had this effect on her.

“Oh, no, I don’t mean I don’t enjoy the attention, au contraire! But it can be, ah, a bit too much at times…” He replied, turning around with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Let us have a more appropriate drink.” He added as he walked back to the table and poured her a glass of the red liquid.

He really is full of himself, she thought as she sighed inwardly, but I can use that.

“And this is natural for you?” She asked, deciding to poke at him and at his strange seductive aura.

“What would you mean by that, ma chère?” He asked slightly confused.

“I mean, this effect you have on women, is it just you or…?” She left the question open to incite him to walk into it by himself.

“Oh, je vois. You mean that you think I might be a, what do they call them again? One of those ‘alternates’?” He replied calmly as he took another bite of his omelette.

Stephanie felt the color momentarily drain out of her cheeks. What had he done? Did he know how dangerous it was to talk about that? Or was he one of them? Those people working for the government that hunted those who had strange abilities? She managed to calm herself down quickly and to regain her composure but she couldn’t help being impressed by his calm.

“Why? Are you?” She asked with a smile.

He squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at her and seemed to scrutinize her mind for a long moment, moment during which the young woman felt extremely uneasy and vulnerable, before finally sitting back and smiling gently.

“Perhaps I am, perhaps not. What is it to you?”

“Nothing, I was just wondering, that’s all…” She replied, trying to sound as relaxed as he was as she took a sip of her wine.

To be continued…

Stanley 13


Rated M for mature content.

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Stephanie decided to make something to eat for herself and her new ‘friend’, she opened the many drawers and cupboards in the spacious kitchen before finally finding what she was looking for : eggs, bacon and grated cheese. She quickly and expertly put some oil in a large pan before adding the eggs and the bacon cut into bits with a topping of cheese and stirred it as the mixture started to sizzle to create a delicious looking ‘omelette du fromage’ as her cooking teacher had once showed her. She set up the flatware on the table and made sure to pour drinks in the glasses before turning around to call Michel and wake him up.

To her surprise, and as if the simple smell of delicious food cooking sufficed to wake him up, Michel was already up and coming towards her as she looked in his direction. He was still, and only, wearing his black boxer shorts from the night before, for which Stephanie couldn’t be angry as she stared at the toned abs and the very sexy layer of body hair that gave such a manly air to his torso. He passed a hand in his hair as he walked in the kitchen, looking at her with a slightly tired and slightly surprised look.

“Well hello there gorgeous.” He greeted her with a smile, his voice a bit gravely from waking not long before. “What are you cooking?”

How does he do that?! Thought Stephanie, struggling to keep her grip on the pan and her mouth from staying open wider and longer than necessary, as she felt her ovaries vibrate at the mere sound of his voice. I’ll have to tell him to stop, it’s not something he should be using all the time, she mentally told herself. It’s wrong. But it’s sooo good… She bit her lip to get back her self-control and shot him a sweet smile.

“Hey you! I’m cooking an omelette with some bacon and cheese, I hope you like.” She replied as she served herself and put the now empty pan in the sink.

“Mmmmh, smells good! I adore omelette!” He exclaimed as he sat down and downed the glass of orange juice the young woman had poured him.

He started devouring the content of his plate before looking back up at her.

“It’s delicious, thank you beautiful demoiselle.” He complimented Stephanie.

The young woman thought about replying that her name was Stephanie and not gorgeous or beautiful but she decided against it, however macho he could be she could use him, she needed to be patient with him. She simply thanked him with a smile, waiting for the good opportunity to approach the subject. The young woman saw some of the still slightly runny omelette fall in the man’s neatly trimmed beard and jumped on the opportunity.

“Here! Let me.” She exclaimed as he was about to brush it off with the back of his hand.

The young woman took her napkin and gently wiped the white and yellow source of proteins before sitting down again

To be continued…

Stanley 12


Rated M for mature content.

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They had been lying one the bed for a few hours, Stephanie on her back and Michel beside her, his head nestled between her round and perky breasts, when the young woman woke up. The first two things that struck her was the warmth of the sun on her face and the sticky sensation mixed with the tingly feeling of Michel’s body hair on her own skin. What a mess they had made the previous night… Now, the only question that was present in her mind was this : had it been worth it?

She heard her partner of the night snore and moan lightly as she rubbed her eyes to accustom herself to the brightness of the room. As she moved her arm she felt an echo of the waves of pleasure that had coursed through her body and mind the previous night and felt her insides tingle with delight. Well, at least there’s no denying it, she thought. It had been awesome, the young woman couldn’t remember the last time she had experienced anything so grand and literally breathtaking in her life. She had been unable to think straight for the long hours their body had endlessly intertwined with passion.

Michel Durant. He may be a bit macho, quite strange and sometimes stupid but he also was at least as good in bed as he was mysteriously charming, if not way more. She decided that she may come to regret the decision to have had sex with him in the future, but never the sex itself, it was a feeling she would yearn to feel again for her whole life she was sure of it. Slowly the young woman pushed his face of her chest, swatting away the thin line of drool that ran around her almost perfect forms and wiped her humid hand on the sheets. She got out of bed and looked around, discovering the man’s apartment for the first time as she hadn’t paid much attention the previous evening.

It was spacious, white and furnished in modern Ikean furniture. Though it could’ve been made even more agreeable and lively with a few more books or objects to liven the scene a bit and less abstract paintings and trophies, it was cozy and felt like its proprietor. She walked to the kitchen, two rooms further, and made herself a cup of black coffee with just a little bit of sugar. Stephanie leaned against the counter, sipping her hot beverage silently as she let her thoughts run around. She was still half-naked, only wearing a white shirt that she had found near her source of pleasure’s wardrobe in his room without anything under.

Her mind went back to the day of the robbery, she could picture the seen as clearly as if it was happening to her again, the fear, the shame, the humiliation he had made her go through. That bastard! She thought as Michel snored a bit louder in his sleep. She looked up and saw him turning around in his bed across the hallway, still sleeping deeply, and a thought popped in her mind. Perhaps he could be of some use after all, she thought with a smile, well other than what I’ve already used him for at least…

To be continued…