Stanley – 33


Season 2

Part 33

Rated M for mature content.

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“Uh oh…”, she said.

Michel looked up at her, his eyebrows frowned. he appeared not to have noticed anything.

“Trouble…”, she simply added, discreetly pointing to the three men.

As hard as she may have been thinking he would, the bearded man did not turn his head immediately, instead he stared at the window, looking at the reflection of the restaurant to see what she meant. Wow, he’s not as thick as I imagined, she thought. Well, not up there at least, she added with a smirk which, unfortunately, quickly disappeared as she remembered what was going on. The three strangers had entered the restaurant like cowboys entering a saloon, completely confident and proud of themselves, and they had reasons to be so! They were tall, buffed and all seemed extremely intimidating with their black suits, their black glasses and their neatly combed short hair. A normal person would have done everything they could to avoid even having eye contact with them, one could feel the strength of their gaze even through the tinted glass. They took a look around, slowly scanning the perimeter, as if they were looking for something. Or someone.

Stephanie had almost hoped that they weren’t there for Michel and her. Perhaps they are just coming here for a simple meal, she thought as she took a sip of her soda, still discreetly looking at them. Unfortunately she was wrong, they were there for the two of them, for as soon as they took a look at the whole room, making sure the way was clear, they approached their table without even a hint of hesitation. Damn it…, cursed the young woman. How did they know we were here so fast? How did they even know it was us? We made sure to cover our faces when we escaped and the cops following us weren’t able to see us clearly, I’m sure of it. Plus we were careful not to leave any DNA on the scene. So how?! She couldn’t explain this. Somehow the government -because these guys were clearly not cops or private goons, they belonged to the government, probably a well hidden branch too- had already heard of them and was tracking them.

“Do you think we should try to run?”, Michel asked quietly.

Stephanie shook her head.

“No,” she replied as discreetly, “we still aren’t sure they are here for us, plus I’m sure they’re armed. Let’s wait a bit more. But be ready to act when I give you the signal…”

“Le signal? Quel signal?”, Michel asked, confused.

The young woman did not reply, moving slightly to get in a more comfortable sitting position as the government agents closed in on them. She was racking her brain to try to find an explanation to their presence so soon and a plan to get out of there if things went awry. Was it possible they were from… No, she thought, impossible. Or is it? She couldn’t say. She had heard things, rumors, about a special branch of the government, a very very very VERY secret agency that took care of… special cases. Cases involving events that weren’t really explainable with normal logic, mysterious disappearances, etc. But these were all heresays, and bad hearsays at that, nothing more. She had no assurance that it was linked to them. They couldn’t… they couldn’t have known about her, could they? No, it had been so long… She had the urge to get up and run away immediately, she didn’t want to see if what she had heard was true, but she couldn’t. If she did they’d surely catch her. She had to wait and take them by surprise if she wanted to make it out… But how?, she thought as the three men stopped besides her and Michel’s table. She didn’t know yet, she’d have to improvise… In the meantime she turned her head towards them and smiled.

“Hello! Is something wrong?”, she asked as innocently as possible.

To be continued…


EoP – Part 114

Echoes of Power

Part 114

Alexandre was left there, standing before the bus stop, unmoving. His mouth hung half-open as he could still faintly feel the slight coldness of the trace of moisture on his cheek. His eyes were looking straight forward but were unfocused, he could still see the red lights of the bus slowly disappearing far down the street. The night was cold and the light wind didn’t really help but the teenager was completely impervious to that, it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He even felt a bit hot at that exact moment. He closed his eyes, replaying the previous instants in his mind and couldn’t refrain a wide smile from spreading on his lips once again. Slowly he raised his hand and traced along them, from one corner of his mouth to the other, having a hard time believing what had just happened.

His skin was still tingling intensely at the touch, as if her lips were still on his, as if Chloe was still there, kissing him. A few moments passed before he opened his eyes again and let out a nervous yet overjoyed laugh, they had kissed… He and Chloe had kissed… This all felt like a dream, it was too good to be true, it had to be! As if the universe had sensed his doubt however, and had somehow decided to punish him for not believing hard enough, his phone rang at that exact moment. Alexandre sluggishly took it out and checked his notifications, he had one unread message. He felt as if someone had poured cold water over him as he read it.

‘Tomorrow, 8 o’clock, the hills. Dont be late. D.’

He had given Damian his number a few days before when he had agreed to teach him about Empirium. Alexandre had felt pretty good and confident at that moment but now it didn’t seem like such a good decision, he had the feeling the man wasn’t someone to trifled with, dangerous even, but the light-haired teen also began to fear he was going to be a very strict teacher… On the other hand he wanted to learn more about his abilities and Damian was the only one who knew something about it and cared to explain (not counting Bryan of course, but telling his best friend was not an option). No he had to go.

“Well,” he said out loud, though more to himself than to anybody around –there is no body around anyways– as he locked his phone and put it back in his pocket, “at least the evening was worth it. So worth it!”

He couldn’t help the giggle that escaped him and hastily looked around to make sure there was nobody around. He let out a small relieved sigh when he realized he was indeed all alone ont he street.

“Yes!”, he exclaimed again, throwing his fist in the air with a large smile.

Alexandre started to walk back home, the house was almost half an hour by foot but he didn’t want to take the bus. He wanted to take some alone time to wander around and think. He took out his headphones and started the music where he had left it earlier that evening while he waited for his date to arrive. Everything had went so well, he had a hard time believing his luck. Chloe was such a beautiful and nice girl AND she seemed to enjoy spending time with him and talking about all sorts of things (most of which interested him). Alexandre wasn’t really sure why she was interested in him, he wasn’t really that handsome per say and he was a bit dorky on the side, but somehow she had set her eyes on him and she hadn’t seemed disappointed after that evening with him, on the contrary! After all she had been the one to kiss him… And what a kiss! Wait ’till I tell you how this evening went Bry’, you’re gonna be so jealous!

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EoP – Part 106

Echoes of Power

Part 106

“How exactly did you find me?” Alexandre asked, curious to know if him being saved had just been a coincidence.

“Exactly like the geigers did…”, said Damian, “I’ve been following you for a few days now. It’s not hard, with your aura leaking like that you’d be easily spotted from a few miles away. You’re gonna have to learn to hide it.”

“Wait…”, Alexandre frowned. “A few days?”

“Yes,” replied the older man with a nod.

“So… it was you at the park that time! I recognize your scarf!”, exclaimed the teenager as it clicked in his mind.

“Yes, that was me. I’d been following your mana trail since the previous day and I wanted to see who it belonged to. One has to be completely stupid or ignorant to reveal their presence that much, or pretty confident. I believe you belong to the first category…”

“Hey! I’d almost died the day before!” Alexandre exclaimed defensively. “That’s when I was attacked by those creatures the first time, I barely survived…”

“Oh. That explains everything then…”, said his interlocutor in a mocking tone.

Alexandre felt anger rise in his chest. How could that guy mock him like this? He had almost died because of something he didn’t understand and had almost no control over. This was something he had not wanted at all and that had almost cost him his life. The teenager felt like punching him in the face, though he had a feeling the man wouldn’t even let him touch him.

“Yes, let your anger flow,” suddenly said Damian in a low voice, getting closer, “but don’t mistake its target boy.”

The older man’s eyes darkened and Alexandre felt a cold shiver run all along his spine. Even if he had saved him, it didn’t mean he was necessarily friendly. The realization made him freeze and he felt a drop of sweat roll along his temple, even though he had been completely calm a few instants before. That guy was bad news… He couldn’t explain why but Alexandre’s body was feeling the intense pressure and, to his surprise, even something that he thought he recognized as blood lust. Who is that guy? he caught himself thinking. The question died in his throat though as the moment passed and Damian’s eyes seemed to revert to their normal color.

“I am not you enemy.” Don’t make me become so.

The words hadn’t been spoken but Alexandre hear them as clear as day nonetheless.

“Direct your anger and your resentment at the geigers, these creatures are the ones that tried to kill you. You were lucky that I was there to save you this time. You might not be so the next one.” Damian added, keeping his gaze fixed on Alexandre’s and not looking away once.

“Yeah…”, was all the teenager managed to mutter as an answer.

He swallowed with difficulty. He had been saved and cured from that strange thing the creature had tried to do to him but now it felt like his life had passed from the hands of monsters to ones of a demon. Damian didn’t seem to have any ill intention –for the moment at least, he thought- but he had no assurance it wouldn’t change. He had to be careful. A thought, brief and raw, flashed through Alexandre’s mind at that moment. He almost let it slip away, instantly deeming it too crazy and stupid to be of any use, but something inside him made him grab onto it. His mind latched onto the small but nagging idea. It was stupid, that much was obvious, and dangerous –undeniably– but it might just work in his favour…

“So, how do you feel?”, the man in front of him asked as he readjusted his scarf.

Alexandre remained silent, pondering the odds. It’s crazy. Yeah, it’s crazy dangerous. But it might just work… It might also end up with you dead, you idiot! Yeah, but if it worked… Alexandre didn’t give any more weight to his internal voice and simply voiced the insane thought that had just passed through his mind, looking straight into the deep blue abyss that were Damian’s eyes. It felt like staring into a bottomless pool and, strangely, it made him want to do reckless things… Exactly the type of thing he did next.

“Then teach me.” Alexandre simply replied.

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EoP – Part 105

Echoes of Power

Part 105

“Okay.”, the man said with a short nod as he sat back on the bench, straightening himself a little, “Let’s start by the most simple to explain. As I told you earlier, my name is Damian, Damian Hardy. I’m what we call an empirist,” he paused to look around before continuing.

“An empirist is what you may describe as a magician or a wizard in your own words, but in actuality its a bit different from that. An empirist is someone who uses the arts of Empirium, namely Magic, Sorcery, Alchemy, Spiritism, etc. and manipulates mana, an energy that is present all around us, to bend the laws of this world to his desires. There are many sorts of empirists, just as many as there are people on this earth, and each have their own specialty. I, for example, specialize more in sorcery, so I would be a sorcerer more than a magician,” he stopped, looking at Alexandre to see if the young man was following.

“This,” the man resumed with a smile as Alexandre nodded his understanding, “with what you’ve just witnessed, should show you that the world you live in is not as simple as you might have thought it was at first. There are secrets hidden to many and a deeper meaning to life that you can’t notice unless you are initiated to the ways of Empirium. Those creatures that attacked you earlier,”

“The geigers?” said Alexandre, completing Damian’s sentence.

“Yes, the geigers,” the latter repeated with a nod, “are creatures close to what you would know as demons. They are not demons but they are creatures not of this world. It is rare to see them here on their own, they are usually summoned by an empirist and controlled to abide to any order he or she, or it, might give. They aren’t very hard to control compared to other otherworldly creatures I’ve seen, but they are very strong and resistant. Mostly immune to fire.”, he added after a slight pause, pointedly looking at Alexandre.

The teenager understood the message, it was, after all, quite clear: had Damian not been there, he would have died.

“Only a sufficient level of power can manage to hurt them enough to make them back off. Now, I don’t think these geigers were controlled by anyone, they seemed to act of their own free will, which might even be more frightening than if they were. If they were though, it might mean that someone is trying to hurt or kill you.”

“But who would want that?” Alexandre asked, unable to think of anyone who would want his death.

“No idea,” Damian replied, “it’s just a supposition, I’m not sure of anything. Was it the first time you were attacked like this?”, he then asked.

“No, I’ve been attacked once more,” Alexandre answered almost immediately, “it was only one though and I somehow managed it.”

Damian looked at him with a frown, silent for a few seconds before nodding and resuming his explanation.

“Well, I can’t be sure so you’ll have to be careful just in case. You’re gonna have to learn to defend yourself… but I’m getting off track! What they did to you back there was a spell to take ot your soul heart. A soul heart is the heart of an empirist’s power to wield mana, without it you would lose most if not all of your powers and probably your life with it. The spell I, myself, used a few minutes ago was to take care of any residual poison that a geiger‘s aura contains and that had contaminated you when he attacked your soul heart. It could have killed you in just a few hours if I hadn’t done anything.”

“I’m very thankful for your help!” Alexandre said, realizing how lucky he had been.

If the man sitting in front of him hadn’t been there at that moment he would’ve ceased to exist very quickly and, most likely, very painfully.

“Yeah, well you should be! You would have been dead if I hadn’t intervened!” Damian exclaimed with a frown.

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EoP – Part 104

Echoes of Power

Part 104

Alexandre felt the coldness of the hand on his skin as Damian placed his palm on his chest, where the monster had hit him earlier.

“How can I…” he started, wondering how he could still be alive after  the monster had plunged its claws in his chest.

He had felt the tighten around his beating heart!

“How can you have no wound? Or were you going to ask how you can still be alive after what that thing did to you?” Damian completed his question for him.

“Well,” the man continued, closing his eyes for a moment to focus, “what it did to you wasn’t simply shove its claws through your chest, that geiger used a spell to do that, he was trying to rip your soul heart out.”

“My soul heart?” Alexandre asked, puzzled.

Damian sighed before speaking again.

“You really don’t know anything do you…?”

“No, I don’t… can you please explain to me what’s going on?”, the teenager asked.

“Yeah.”, replied the older man as he opened his eyes, “Just a second.”

He spoke three short words that Alexandre didn’t completely understand, he heard something like ‘vecchio nar prismus‘ but it didn’t make any more sense than that. He gave up trying to understand the meaning of what Damian had just said when a sharp pain pierced his chest once more. The teenager’s eyes went wide, he couldn’t help an exclamation of pain and immediately thought the mysterious man was trying to kill him. He was both surprised an relieved when the pain instantly faded away half a second later. Damian let out a sigh and moved back a little on the bench.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm. The geiger, that’s how we call the creatures you just got attacked by, put curse on you and I had to remove it before it started spreading. If I hadn’t you would’ve been dead in a matter of days. I know it hurts a bit but the pain fades away quickly and if I had told you it might have hindered the process…”, he paused looked at the setting sun for a moment.

The sky was slowly getting darker, the sun was disappearing behind the tall buildings and would soon set behind the tall hills surrounding the city.

“You’re clean now though so it’ll be fine, no need to worry.”, he added with a smile as he seemed to notice the teenager’s expression of concern. “Now, what do you want to know?”, his clear eyes were fixed on Alexandre as he spoke.

The teenager wasn’t really comfortable with that, it didn’t feel as if Damian was reading his mind but more as if he was studying him and his reactions. For what purpose? He couldn’t tell but this made him cautious. He couldn’t, however, refuse such an offer. Alexandre thus decided to try to get as much information as possible from him. If he somehow turned out to not be trustworthy he would at least know a little more than what he currently did.

“What’s a geiger?”, he asked, “and what’s empirium? And who are you?”

He was about to ask a dozen more question but seeing the frown that was starting to form on the man’s face made Alexandre stop there for the moment. That seemed to be enough as a start, he had to take things slowly. Rushing was never the solution. Even if it was extremely hard for him to restrain himself.

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EoP – Part 103

Echoes of Power

Part 103

“So, your name is Damian right?” Alexandre asked.

“Mmhmm.” The man sitting in front of him nodded with a small smile.

In the end Alexandre had followed his savior without resisting. After all, what could he do in his state? Plus Damian didn’t seem ill-intentionned and he said he had the answers Alexandre was looking for. They were now sitting in the park not far from Alexandre’s house, on a bench near a tree. They had moved away from the small alley as possible, the man had not taken time to explain why they had to get away in such haste but the teenager had deduced he didn’t want more of those beastly creatures to appear and attack them. Only once they had reached the park had Damian slowed the pace down. Alexandre had tried to get some answers as they were walking but without much success.

“I’m drawing a concealment spell.” The man with the long blue scarf had simply replied when the teenager had asked about his constant muttering along the way.

“A spell?” The man had not replied and so Alexandre ha decided to wait for them to stop, seeing he wouldn’t get any answer before then.

Finally they had sat down on one of the benches not too far away from the large fountain in the center of the park.

“You don’t know what a spell is?!” The man finally said, after a long pause, still smiling lightly.

“Uh…” Alexandre hesitated. He knew what a spell was, he just couldn’t believe it meant what he thought it meant. “I- I’m not sure…” He finally replied, preferring to be frank.

“I see… That’s what I thought…” Damian said, taking off his scarf and putting it down on the bench beside him.

“What do you mean?” Asked Alexandre, curious.

“I mean it’s confirming my thoughts. That you don’t know jack about empirium…”

“About what? You said that word earlier, what does it mean?”

Empirium.” Repeated Damian with a small sigh, he looked around before leaning in. “That’s what you did earlier, that’s also what I used to take care of those geigers. You used a fire spell to burn them. Not a bad move but not sufficient.” He explained.

“Wait, when you say spells, you mean like… like magic, real magic? That’s what you’re telling me? I can use magic?” Alexandre asked, having trouble believing what he was being told.

“Not exactly. It would be more of a sorcery matter but that’s the idea. Magic is actually a part of empirium, the art of using the supernatural if you will. ” Damian explained.

Alexandre stayed silent for a moment, pondering what he had just heard. He found it difficult to believe that what he had been doing until now was some sort of magic, or empirium, whatever the name was. But how could he have trouble accepting this kind of answer after almost being killed by strange creatures that shouldn’t even exist? The teenager didn’t really understand his own reaction…

“What exactly is empirium?” He finally broke the calm silence and asked. “And what is a geiger?” He winced slightly, unsure if he had pronounced it right.

Apparently he hadn’t been too far off because Damian, who had been looking intently at him, nodded and changed position slightly, turning to sit towards the teenager.

“I’ll explain it in more details if you want but first I need to check if you’re really okay. What you fought, geigers, are tricky bastards so I need to check your wound more closely to be sure.”

“Okay.” Alexandre simply replied as the man motioned towards his chest with his hands.

“Good. Could you pull up your shirt then?” Damian asked as he got closer.

Alexandre complied silently. He didn’t know anything else other than the man’s name but he could only trust him if he wanted to get answers. He didn’t really have a choice. That didn’t please him much but at least he was still alive. At least that was a good thing, was it not?

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EoP – Part 102

Echoes of Power

Part 102

“There, done!” Exclaimed the man with a smile as he stood back up and dusted off his pants. “Don’t worry, you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

Alexandre struggled to regain his breath, he couldn’t control the shivering that had taken over him but, strangely, it was as the stranger had said, the pain was slowly going away and his head was clearing up.

“Wha- what happened?” He finally managed to ask, still panting heavily.

“What happened?” The man asked with a hint of surprise. “Oh!” He then exclaimed as understanding seemed to dawn on him.

“You mean about the geigers! Well I took care of them, a simple blue flame spell and poof, they were gone!” He explained, mimicking an explosion with his hands as he did so.

“A what?” Asked Alexandre, struggling to sit up against the wall.

“A blue flame spell.” Repeated the man before frowning. “Oh wait. You don’t know what a spell is, do you?”

Alexandre looked at him for a moment, not completely sure he had heard correctly. A spell? As in magic? Wait! Did that mean he had been doing magic?

“You mean… like magic?” He finally asked, frowning too.

The stranger looked around before sighing.

“You could say its something like that… We have a lot to talk about… But not here, we’ve got to go elsewhere. Follow me!”

“Wait! What is going here?” Asked Alexandre as the man had already taken a few steps. “What were those things? Why did they attack me? And, who are you?!”

The man turned around, his long scarf floating behind him as he walked back to where Alexandre was sitting. He looked at the teenager for a moment, as if he was silently analysing him or pondering his options, before smiling and clapping his hands.

“True! I do apologize for that. I always seem to forget about introductions… My name is Damian and, as you probably noticed already, I’m an empirist. Not that you actually might know what that is… Anyway, what’s your name kid?”

“I’m Alexandre.” The teenager replied, wanting to correct that Damian guy on the fact that he was not a kid but preferring to keep it to himself.

If he also had powers he wasn’t about to go and mess with him.

“Ok, nice to meet you Alexandre. Now, I’m willing to explain to you everything that just happened but we can’t just stay here. We have to move, now!” Damian said as he motioned to the end of the small street.

“Where are we going?” Alexandre asked as he struggled to get up.

“You’ll see.” Damian replied with a smile. “Don’t worry, I mean no harm.”

He turned around and started walking without even waiting for the teenager’s reply. Alexandre cursed inwardly. He was barely able to stand straight, much less walk, and this strange man wanted him to follow him blindly. True he had saved his life but this could be just another trap… The teenager looked around at the burn marks that were covering the pavement. He hesitated. Could he really trust that guy? If he wanted, Damian, or whatever he was called, could surely end his life with a snap of his fingers… But he said he had answers… Alexandre didn’t have time to ponder this issue much longer and the man with the blue scarf reappeared to his side.

“Come, don’t dawdle! We don’t have much time!” The man said with a smile as he put the teenager’s arm around his shoulders and helped him walk away from the small alley.

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EoP – Part 100

Echoes of Power

Part 100

“Oh no no no… You are not dying yet human First, you must suffer…” The creature said with a wicked chuckle.

Its face was so close that Alexandre could feel its burning breath on his skin, it smelled of smoke and blood, as if it had soaked its mouth in the red liquid. Alexandre wanted nothing more than to get away from it as far away as possible but he was paralyzed, he couldn’t even cringe at the foul smell. He was but a spectator to his own life now.

“I would enjoy killing you myself but I must share…” The creature was looking directly in his eyes as it said that, as if it was trying to swallow his soul into its white orbs.

There was a moment of silence before the demon-like being turned its head towards its two comrades still lying on a the ground and raised its free hand in the air, it held two small dark crystals in its palm, and muttered a few words. Alexandre saw the two crystals dissolve into two small clouds of smoke which floated over to the other creatures and seemed to seep into their bodies. A few seconds passed with nothing happening and the teenager was almost starting to relax when he saw the chest of the one on the right start to move up and down. Then the same thing happened to the second one and they both had a quick coughing fit before they started moving again. They slowly stood up and looked around as if trying to get their bearing back. Then they noticed him and the creature that had him at its mercy. They bared their fangs in an ugly and vicious smile before slowly getting closer with excited growls.

“Stupid human, thinking you could kill us so easily…” Said the creature on the left, clicking its tongue, before suddenly planting its claws in the teenager’s thigh.

Alexandre couldn’t help shouting loudly, firstly because of the sharp pain that suddenly spread in his body but it quickly changed into a cry of frustration at the fact that he couldn’t move and not react to that. The monster simply chuckled mockingly as it saw the dark look Alexandre shot him. It seemed to be enjoying torturing him, toying with its prey. The teenager knew that this was just the beginning and that there was nothing he could do about it. He tried to focus his power but, whether he was still too weak or their control on him was simply too strong, he didn’t get any result.

“Try…” Said the creature that had its claws around his heart in a menacing tone as he tried.

It must’ve noticed what he was trying to do. Alexandre wanted to retort something clever but he felt too weak to even do that. This was the end. For real this time. Then the creature in the center started muttering again, as if it was reciting a spell. It closed its eyes, focusing, and the teenager felt an intense pain around his heart again but this time it was even worse than before and it seemed to be slowly spreading to his chest and to become more  and more intense.  He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of making him suffer too easily. He felt his mind fade away and knew that he wouldn’t be able to endure it much longer without fainting, the pain was too great. He was about to cry out again because of the pain when he heard an explosion right next to him.

The teenager opened his eyes again only to see the creature on his right being engulfed in bright red flames, wailing as its body was being turned into ashes. Then, just as the one in the center looked at the one which was burning up, there was a ray of light and the third creature also burst into flames without being able to even react. In an instant there only remained one out of the three demon-like creatures, the one that had its claws buried into the teenager’s chest. It quickly pulled out and jumped back, growling madly as it looked all around to try to spot where these attacks were coming from. A voice came from the right though Alexandre couldn’t understand it, his hearing was too blurred and weak to distinguish anything. His sight was starting to blur too, he felt like his mind was slipping away again.

But before everything went black he saw another ray of bright light then a few bright explosions of multicolored light followed. The creature, which had started moving at unbelievable speeds again, was the origin of a few of these explosions, or at least that’s what Alexandre thought. Everything was to unclear for him to be sure of anything, it was as if he was watching the scene through a blurred bullet-proof glass panel, sounds and images were completely deformed. At one point he saw the dark shadow being engulfed in a bright red explosion before disappearing completely. Then another figure, taller and more human-like this time, approached from his right and knelt besides him. Alexandre couldn’t distinguish the person’s features but he saw, or at least thought he saw, a man wearing a blue scarf and a long coat looking at him before everything went black.

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EoP – Part 95

Echoes of Power

Part 95

The creature on his left and the one in front of him suddenly both sprang towards him at the same time, their claws drawn out and ready to rip his limbs off. Alexandre reacted instinctively, protecting his head with his arms and jumping between them, landing heavily ont he ground in front of him with a loud thud. It was the surprise more than the shock itself that emptied his lungs of the air they contained. He panicked for a moment, unable to breathe, wondering if he had been badly hurt, before the much-needed oxygen finally entered his chest again. He realized he was on his knees and quickly stood up before looking around him, trying to locate the creatures. They surrounding him once more, a little farther than a few instants before, circling around him with wide wicked smiles and their claws drawn out.

Alexandre frowned for a second, trying to understand what had happened, how he had managed to evade that attack and why he was still alive when he understood what was going on. It suddenly clicked in his mind and the realization made him incredibly scared and quite furious at the same time. They were playing with him! They were just toying with their prey, taking their time and enjoying their kill! He felt his blood start to boil and, despite the voice getting louder and louder in his mind, he tried to focus on each word it had been speaking to him over the years and that he remembered. The teenager also racked his brain in the hope of remembering what exactly had happened during his encounter with the first creature.

“What happened to that monster? Damn it, focus Alex, try to remember…” He muttered to himself, eyeing the three bloodthirsty demon-like beings that were still circling him, slowly closing in on him.

He could still feel the pain in his chest as the sharp claws had sunk deep into his flesh, the feeling of helplessness that had followed and the certainty he was going to die at that time. But that was all, he couldn’t for his life remember how he had managed to survive such wounds and what had happened to the creature to prevent it from killing him. This thought momentaneously caused a cold shiver to course through his body and he froze. He was in the same situation – no, not the same, worse, – right now and he had no other way to act that by using something he didn’t understand and didn’t know if it would work… If only his ability wasn’t limited to slowing things down, if only he could, like, make things explode… Then the situation wouldn’t be as helpless as it was now. And he might even be able to do something to get out of it…

But right now he was limited in his actions. He could, of course, try to slow the demons (he didn’t know if that was what they really were but they sure did look the part!) but how to capitalize on something like that? How could he use it in his advantage to extricate himself from this dire situation? Plus he wouldn’t be able to use it for very long and not on all three of them at once. IF it even worked on the creatures… He saw movement in the corner of his eye, one of the three demons was getting ready to jump at him. Damn it! He cursed again, trying to focus on his ability to get ready to react when it would decide to attack.

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EoP – Part 88

Echoes of Power

Part 88

She had a soft but clear voice. She had spoken with a slight british accent, without stuttering once or letting out any hint of nervousness. Also, during her speech, she had taken care of making eye contact with each and every one of them, sweeping the class with her deep hazel eyes. Alexandre realized that this was all carefully done to gain immediate appeal from he audience. She must be used to speaking in public or making speeches, he thought with a smile. He himself had been somehow entranced by the feeling during the brief moment they had locked eyes. Well, entranced might not have been the appropriate word, but he had definitely felt something from her. She was doing her best to integrate in this new environment. Or perhaps that’s it. Having a family that moves around a lot wasn’t so uncommon after all… One could definitely pick up skills to integrate quickly over time.

However, despite these little tricks she used that he had picked up while watching videos on the internet, Alexandre couldn’t deny the girl had a natural beauty to her. She had very smooth and attractive features, this added to her mysterious aura and her remarkable presence created a strange desire to know more about her. The light-haired teenager noticed with a smirk that his best friend himself wasn’t indifferent to her charms as Bryan was completely focused on his new school comrade, he still had his mouth slightly open and his finger half-raised in the air, as if he was going to say something but was interrupted in the middle. Alexandre scoffed at this sight, his best friend was only missing a trail of drool on his chin and he would’ve made a hilarious sight, though the dark-haired teen didn’t even react.

“Hey! Bryan! Hey! Oy, drooly head!” Alexandre almost had to speak up before his best friend finally deigned to react.

“Huh? What?” Asked Bryan as he slowly turned towards his best friend.

“You should take a picture, it would be more discreet.” Commented the light-haired teen, his smirk widening.

“Huh? Wha-“Started Bryan before understanding dawned on him. “Oh… Ha ha, very funny Alex.” He replied with a frown, turning back to face the front of the class immediately after.

Alexandre couldn’t help a small laugh that brought the disapproving eyes of the teacher upon himself for a brief moment. He started unpacking his stuff as the redhead walked to her seat to the left of the class, not far away from Rebecca. The teenager saw his best friend follow her all the way to her seat, only focusing on the lecture, which had started, after the new student had unpacked her stuff and begun writing. Well, at least she’s made a nice first impression… Thought Alexandre with a small smile. Then he saw his best friend’s head suddenly shoot up and turning around.

“Wait, didn’t you just-?” Started the dark-haired teen as he pointed an accusatory pen at his best friend.

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