Tales of Ore

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Tales of Ore

Of Shadow and feathers

Thrista is finally back on the continent of Ore,the great continent -heart of the Alliance-, after a long travel across the seas and as far as the continent of Simeriah. The young man has only one goal in mind: to participate in the Sage’s Tournament set to take place two years later. Since his early years, when his father told him about the epic duels that had taken place in the Arena, he trains in order to become a powerful mage to one day achieve his dream and walk that path charged with ancient history and powerful magic. His training may not be complete but he is determined to reach his goal and, what’s more, to triumph.

As he comes back just in time for the wedding of Silena, the princess heir to the throne of Tebor, and Thedric Junon, son of the lord of the Long Plains up north, he meets old friends and new companions for his travels: Hannah and Todd, two mages hired by the king to protect his daughter during the ceremony.

However, as the festivities begin, darker events take place on the continent and beyond. Strange reports coming from the desert lands of Belenos, to the south. Bandits raiding the convoys of the Alliance and rebelling against its authority under the banner of a man they call the Prince. An assassination attempt during the wedding ceremony that seems to be linked to the Karnines Archipelago, located between the coast of Ore and the Teeth, only manages to make things worse. Finally, Thrista himself doesn’t know what to make of the strange dreams that visit him during the night nor of the strange feeling he gets from his new companions…