Tales of Ore —

OSAF - Cover - V1

Tales of Ore

Of Shadow and feathers

As Thrista finally comes back to Ore, the great continent -home of the Alliance of the same name-, after a journey across the oceans and as far as the old continent of Simeriah he has only one goal : participating in the Sages’ Tournament that will take place in two years time. During these two years he has trained his body and his magic to become more powerful for this purpose. For a long time he has been preparing for it, since his father had told him the stories of the Great Fights that had happened there, since he had seen the Arena himself and since he had dreamed to be able to walk across it himself. His training is still far from over and his magic still weak compared to the great fighters of the tournament, but he is determined to achieve his goal and moreover to win !

He is back right in time to attend the wedding of princess Silena, the heir to the throne of Tebor, with Thedric Junon, the son of Stanis Junon a high noble of the Long Islands to the south. As the young man meets the young bride, with whom he has been friends for a long time, he is introduced to Hannah and Todd, two empirists (users of Empirium) hired by her father to watch over her during the wedding. They all attend the Night Ball which takes place the night of the wedding to honor the new young couple.

But trouble is also stirring. Some strange reports come back from the desert lands of Bellenos, a continent to the south of Ore. Bandits keep on attacking the Alliance’s convoys in the west, rebelling against its authority and rallying under a man who calls himself the Prince. And an assassin tried to take out the princess during her wedding bearing the symbol of the Karnines, an archipelago of islands located between the barrens shores of Belenos and the cliffs of Ore. On top of that Thrista doesn’t know what to think of the strange dreams he has and can’t explain the strange feeling he is getting from his new companions.

Chapters :

Chapter 1 – Coming back

Chapter 2 – Carmen

Chapter 3 – The gardens of Sha’ana

Chapter 4 – A fire that always burns

Chapter 5 – Blonde Streak (complete chapter) – OR – Part I & Part II

Chapter 6 – The white palace

Chapter 7 – Flowers of the past (complete chapter) – OR – Part I & Part II

Chapter 8 – Hannah

Chapter 9 – The fiancée

Chapter 10 – Preparations (Soon)


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