Thoughts / Pensées

Here you will find rants, ideas and things I tell you about as I follow where my thoughts take me. can be random or not, have a read and enjoy!


Ici vous trouverez toutes les nouvelles, les textes et les essais créatifs que j’ai pu poster sur ce blog depuis le début. Il y en a pour tous mes goûts donc n’hésitez pas à jeter un oeil, vous trouverez peut-être quelques chose qui vous plaira !

Thoughts / Pensées

Everything is mostly in chronological order.

Tout est normalement en ordre chronologique.

I love holiday

Tipsy and trickery – Part Un

Tipsy and trickery – Part Deux

Writer looking for an artist

So I just watched Game of Thrones S05E10

Enough music is never enough

I don’t want to go to sleep.

Why I love randomly learning more about languages – Part Un

Why I love randomly learning more about languages – Part Deux

And here we go again

How he met their mother (little HIMYM rant)

This si not an hommage

So I saw the new Star Wars and it sucks…

Welcome to life.

The last unicorn

Writer thoughts about writing

Do I want to create?

Midnight philosophy without reason

My current mood right now

Schrödinger’s poet

A Duet With Life

Why do you follow me?

Review: Suicide Squad

Of My Ideal Of Storytelling

A poem reading to Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’

The Eighth Dead


More to come / Plus plus tard.