Prompts & Concepts

I, to gods of writing

On an altar of words,

Sacrifice, inviting,

Adventures to be heard.


Aux dieux de l’écriture,

Sur l’autel de mes mots,

J’offre mes aventures

Pour libérer mes maux.

As a writer I have top come up with a lot of ideas for my stories. Interesting ones if possible. Some come to me easily, some are simple, others have to be worked on, reworked and perfected for a long time to become coherent with themselves or the stories I wish to incorporate them into. The problem with ideas is that I get far too many of them compared to the time/motivation/ability I have to turn them into good (or even great stories) and I find it to be quite a problem.

That is why I have decided to explore this idea of Writing Prompts. Here, I am going to share with the world the different ideas, concepts and other bright thoughts that come to me while I am writing or thinking about writing. All this in the hope of helping myself but also you, dear reader. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

As I said earlier, over time I have come up with many ideas of characters, plots and backgrounds for the universes for my stories and I have been writing them down as they came to me. Sadly only a portion of these ideas actually relate to my stories directly, the others are simple plots or characters I have never really worked on (and probably never will before a reaaaaaaally long time). Therefore I have decided to stop keeping them to myself, to stop keeping them trapped in my lack of writing and to finally give these ideas their freedom, to offer them to the world as a gift. (Yes. I think very highly of myself. Why? Does it bother you?)

This concept, called Writing Prompts as you may have read earlier, is not new or original or anything mind-blowing but it is something that I think will be quite interesting, both for you and me. Here I will offer you ideas for anything that can be written in any forme, whether it is to push you to write as I have already done in my writing prompts, or simply to give you the material I have come up with but that I will not/cannot exploit at the moment so that, perhaps, you can make something of it.

It will serve two purposes: one, to help me get rid of ideas that I am not going to work on and two, to give you ideas and perhaps help you or inspire you in your own writing.

Before getting down to business, here are a few disclaimers that I deem quite important to understand :

1 – Nothing written here is truly original or groundbreaking, just things that came to me at one point or another. Also it may be inspired (directly or indirectly) from other works.

2 – I did however imagine it all in a personal way, perhaps changing it completely or not so much.

3 – Yes, these ideas are free for you to take and use all you want, there are no restrictions. As I said, it is simply for you to help in your writing.

4 – You can take whatever you want, whenever you want and transform it into whatever you want. Or not. You decide.

5 – If you were to ever write something that was inspired by these prompts do notify me. Not so much for the rights of the author or anything but because I would really want to read anything you have to offer !

6 – I may offer what I have imagined here for you to use and say I won’t, but that doesn’t mean I will never use them. I am just sharing them with you but I may still, one day, want to write something based on them, so don’t be surprised if that happens. (It will surely be different from anything anyone else might have written of course, but if it sounds like what someone else has created from these prompts, you will know why.)

7 – This concerns anything I offer here, on this page. As for the rest of my writings on this site (like Tales of Ore, Echoes of Power, or my poems for example) are mine and mine alone. You may read them and enjoy them (or not) as much as you want but just know that they are my precious creations and that I will not let go of them that easily. You have been warned. You are free however to be inspired by them (I did say I thought very highly of myself, didn’t I?) and to want to write something based on my stories (whether loosely or not so loosely), and I wouldn’t really mind. As long as you do agree to recognize that the original story (the one I wrote) is mine and mine alone, and that the origin of your inspiration comes from it. Don’t think you can just freely go and rewrite my personal works with a few changes in the names and backgrounds is what I’m saying.

Other than that, no problem. Take everything you want from what I offer you here and create the best works you can!