A dream of dreams


When I was a child I dreamed

Of fortified castles and dragons,

Of spaceships and being beamed,

Of a train with a thousand wagons,

So long until I was content,

I dreamt of great battles and excitement,

To be the one who would invent

The colours of the rainbow,

Of free time and enchantment,

I dreamed of hate, I dreamt of love,

Of a ship made of stone and me at its bow,

Of an ancient magical glove

That could take me into the stars,

I dreamed of incredible robot cars,

Of flying like a bird high in the sky,

I saw monsters so frightening

From which I was running as fast as lightning

Not knowing if I would wake up to cry,

When I was a child I dreamt

Of princesses and lost cities,

Of candy in great quantities,

But now it is over; I am contempt.


A small simple poem inspired by this song.

Un petit poème simple inspiré par cette chanson.


Vessel in the sky


High in the sky sails a ship made of  stone,

Over the clouds and the storm, on calm seas

Of blue wonder; were one to soar up there

By pure force of will or simply by chance

And listen carefully in the silence,

They would feel in the ripples of the air

Charming music and voices in the breeze

And nevermore know the meaning of lone.


Letter to myself


Try. Even if you are scared,

Even if you feel inadequate, impaired,

Try. Don’t succeed, perhaps fail

But try, don’t just lie and wail.

Don’t let yourself down

Don’t let chances slip away,

Don’t let yourself drown

And your heart fly away,

Try, even in the darkest of night,

Look into the face of fright

Without a doubt about you,

Try, until it becomes true.


This is a repost. I just realized I posted it a few days ago in an unfinished version instead of saving it in the drafts… :/

So here it is again to enjoy! ;)



Two lakes and a mountain

Then comes the red canyon,

Those are sometimes fountain

And this your art’s minion,

That landscape you maintain,

The precious dominion

Of which you are captain,

Is, in my opinion

(Veiled behind a curtain),

A much sacred union

Of a beauty certain.

May I be companion?


Stand in its wake


A demon must awake

After the fall of day,

And with dark come what may

As we stand in its wake.

The creature is reborn

Each night under the stars

Full of hate, full of scorn,

Exceeding even ours,

It lies in the shadow,

Oh, just out of our sight

Feeding on intense light,

Calm and pretty as snow,

Waiting for its moment

Cold and deadly serpent…


Falling through the void


Falling, I’m falling

Through the air, through the sky

In the wind, up so high,

Through the night, through my life

Cutting darkness like a knife,

Falling, I’m falling

I’m falling down, I’m falling up,

I’m falling in every direction

All at once, no reference, no anchor

Empty or full? I don’t even see the cup,

My gig is pure misdirection

But the world asks for an encore,

Falling, I’m failing

I’m lost in a sea of troubles

I don’t know what reaction

Should I take arms or let myself be swept by the stream

And suffocate under the rubbles

Where no one will hear me scream?

I have no plan of action,

Failing, I’m failing…


A walk among the stones


One step after the other

Each one slightly heavier,

Against the harsh cold weather

No more warmth to carry her,

But dawn is slowly rising

And with his voice still ringing

To ear, gently chastising

In her mind almost singing

A tune long-lost to silence,

They were two and yet of one,

She was his shield, he, her lance,

Her ugly duckling, his swan,

Lost to this world, however

To meet anew, oh, never ?


Keep on dreaming


I will keep on dreaming,

Walking on this tight rope

For as long as light is streaming

Even if it’s just a fool’s hope…

Oh in my heart I know

Already all those words

You speak to me like little birds,

I have realized long ago.

But I refuse to yield,

To give up, run away,

You may wish to become my shield

But I want to let my heart sway

For if I give up this

Feeling I have in me

Then comes a deep and dark abyss

Which will all but let me go free…


Je chhante


Aujourd’hui ne me voila plus que roi

De ce grand château silencieux et si froid,

Où j’erre en des couloirs de pierres sombres,

Solitaire, fantômatique, une ombre.

Et ma langueur violente s’y déchaîne

Et échos de silence et de chaînes,

Ma douleur est lanscinante et je chante

Afin de l’exorciser, et je hante

Afin d’encor me sentir exister

Sans laisser âges passant m’attrister…


Référence traînante

Dédicace au grand chef suprême pour le manque de cohérence dans les pieds… ._.

The secret admirer


As I first set my eyes on you,

I’m lost; I don’t know what to do.

To me you’re a complete alien,

Coming from another planet.

Goddess lost in the world of men,

An angel fallen from heaven.

And as you pass by you leave me

With, in the heart, a strange aching.


Yet you’re so far away, from my heart.

Yet you’re so far away, unreachable.

I wanna shout your name.

I wanna grab your hand.

I want to yell out to you,

To tell you I love you.

But you’re so far away, from my heart.

But you’re so far away, unreachable.


You are my sky, my horizon,

You are the border of my world.

I could stare at you all my life,

I swear I would never be bored.

I do want you with all my heart,

You strike me to the core, but yet

When I try to reach out to you,

I find myself unable to.


Cause you’re so far away, from my heart.

Cause you’re so far away, unreachable.

I wanna take you in my arms,

I wanna kiss your sweet, sweet lips.

Oh I want to learn to know you,

To be able to make you laugh.

But you’re so far away, from my heart.

But you’re so far away, unreachable.


I often dream being with you,

Sitting there and simply talking.

Speaking about irrelevant things,

And you, you just keep on smiling.

Just the two of us, you mesmerizing.

Just the two of us, each minute passing

To me there is no other star like you,

Always shining so brightly,

Perfect image of beauty.

I want, I try, to get closer to you.

I would rise so high, I would fall so low,

I love you more than you will ever know.


No time, energy or inspiration tonight so here is something I wrote quite some time ago now, not really a poem per say, more like a song. It’s not perfect, quite rough even to be honest, but it brings back memories.