I have a word


I have a word upon my tongue

I have a world for which I long,

A million letters together strung

To make a tale powerful and strong

A tale of life and adventure,

A tale of deep friendship and love,

Oh one that would many hearts capture,

And one that would fit me like a glove,

But despite my greatest effort,

In a struggle against myself,

I am unable to leave this fort

Built out of all my lost time itself,

If only I could sing this song

Aloud without hesitation

Or, yet, simply murmur it along

Without giving in to temptation

Of stepping back in the shadow,

Of painting life out of silence,

Perhaps I could share this small, warm glow

And somehow grow out of the balance…


Not my favorite in what I wrote lately, but it still somehow speaks to me in a way…




A giant of dark stone

Not of silver nor gold

Stood over the city

Guarding its ancient gate

Casting a hopeful light

For ages it had shone

A smile ever so bold

Confident and wity

Which nobody could hate

Despite their strongest might

It kept the great balance

Between raw bloody war

And ever rare sweet peace

Between heaven and earth

Symbol of improving

For those who stole a glance

In the dark far from shore

An olden masterpiece

Back from the city’s birth

And now it was moving…


from sea to sea

Late, I’m late!


I’m late, I’m late,

So incredibly late!

I must hurry on fast,

I’ll never be on time!

I hear each minute past

And all the hours chime!

I’m late, I’m late,

So late for this new date!

These legs must keep moving

I cannot wait or stop,

I cannot stop running

Until I reach the top

Or my top will come off,

Oh yes, go on and scoff!

It shows you have not seen

Or ever met the queen!

I’m late, I’m late,

I should have been there at eight!

How can I, with weather so misty,

Ever be on time for the tea party?!


Did you ever hare the story?



Lips light up like a thousand sun

And in the eyes brews a soft storm,

An ocean of raindrops will form

By the time the last stars have spun,

The heart is taken and, high, soars

As the vessel sails on high seas,

And, left behind, this mind explores

What, only all alone, it sees…

But this is not a tragedy

For joy and sadness make it whole,

This heart so old and raggedy;

Over the years the brilliant soul

Travels into the mysteries

Of greater worth than simple faith,

Throughout moment and histories,

Throughout echoes of olden wraith.


This time, I’m not even sure myself…

Mr. Sadman


I am so tired of hiding my feelings,

So tired of aimlessly running around,

So tired of shuffling on uneven ground,

Of holding back my hand during dealings,

Of playing with old and faded mirrors

Of letting roam around all my terrors,

Tis all burden I can bear, the last straw,

So now here it is friend, here it comes raw,

All I keep inside, hide behind my heart,

The dam’s breaking, it will soon come apart,

I don’t care… Let run the salty waters,

And the valley shall be flooded in tears!

For letting go of all those stupid fears

Is what’s important, is all that matters…

No, I am not happy, to say the least,

This sadness is my daily companion,

An unknown, savage yet strangely tamed beast

Lurking in twilight of a steep canyon,

Melancholy is my soft sheet at night

And regret is my only guiding light,

Oh can you not see, oh can you not tell

The truth of what I feel for you, sweet lass?

Yes, I know, friend, I know all will be well,

Yes, I know, friend, in the end it will pass,

At the very end, when all is over…

But at this moment, now, it is not so,

I know not why I picked this green clover

But, as they say, you must reap what you sow;

My world crumbles, it feels like it’s ending,

I have no more strength, I feel like bending,

Surrender to the power of my fate

And be crushed under the wheel of my hate…




Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

The song in my head

Speaks of Mary-lou,

Young leaves are green,

Sunflowers yellow,

It could have been

Somewhat mellow,

Beach sand is gold

And the night is dark,

My mind is old

And my heart is stark,

Your dress violet,

Oranges are orange,

I will not let

You ever change!

Bear fur is brown,

Children indigo,

Oh kill your frown

And say hello…


Can you guess?



Now think of a number…

Can you feel the slumber

Taking over your mind

And your weakened body?

Leave all your doubts behind

To make yourself ready;

Let your mind float away

And listen to my voice,

Let the soft music sway

Your heart and make your choice,

Your eyes, they are heavy,

Quiet is night falling,

Listen in the silence,

Let open the levee,

Your old dreams are calling,

It’s time to take a chance.

Once you wake up again

You may not remember

All of this but will gain

More than restful slumber,

Now you are falling down

As slow as a feather,

You will not fear nor frown

The harsh and cold weather,

Instead you will feel live,

Oh you will feel hopeful,

Ready to jump and dive

Into the glass half full;

No excuse to make up,

It is time to wake up!


Je voudrais dormir…


J’ai envie de dormir

Mais quelque chose m’empêche.

Quelle est qui fait souffrir ?

Serait-ce cette flammèche

Qui, tout mon coeur, assèche,

Le faisant ainsi pourrir ?

Quelle paire d’yeux revêche

Me regarde sans sourire

Et sans remords me prêche,

Afin que je ne pèche,

“Oh, rien ne sert de courir

A point faut-il partir.” ?

Mais de pitance rèche

Je ne veux me nourir,

Ma volonté s’ébrèche,

Est-il temps de mourir ?


Poème de la veille que j’ai eu la flemme d’écrire/de terminer parce que fatigue. Voici.



Love is just life without ‘I’ but a ‘vie’,

It is hearts brought together as a we,

It is pain and pleasure altogether

And why all finally come to gather,

Life is just love with a capital L,

It can be heavens or it can be hell

But can’t be without one or the other

As child lacking the touch of its mother…


Not so sure about this one… We’ll see, only the future will tell.