En scène


Le sourd torrent de la foule

Dans le noir se réverbére,

Jusqu’à mes oreilles coule.

Là, en silence, j’espère

Que sous les vives lumières

Ma confiance ne s’écroule,

Que point je ne désespère,

– Pire ! – ne perde la boule…

Car la volonté de fer

Qu’en moi distingue la foule

Se casse comme du verre,

Aisément se rouille, s’éboule,

Me prend en douce à revers,

Sous la si puissante houle

De tous ces regards sincères.

Si en ces lieux je me perds,

Si j’y plonge tout mon soûl,

Je suis tel pierre qui roule

Tant et si bien qu’enfin j’erre…




That which hurts the most is not your absence

‘Tis rather the opposite: your essence

Shining brightly, oh brighter than ever,

Just in my reach and were I to extend

My arm I feel I could touch with my hand…

But be damned this curse that I may never

Feel the soft warmth of your skin on my flesh!

Please let me be overcome by the fresh

Torrent of emotion flowing in me;

It is settled, no matter the reason

I’ll not battle this lovely enemy,

I long for the sweetness of your poison.


In a sea of stars


My heart is an ocean of pale moons and bright stars,

As endless as the sky and so, ever so, deep,

I surf upon a wave of dreams that need no sleep

Through an ancient forest of old and painful scars,

Oh the wonders there are, the gardens, the temples,

The great statues of gods to which men bend the knee,

The innocent flower that another tramples,

In the night a lighthouse casting hope to the sea,

By day always a tree reaching out to the world

And from its lively leaves a million tears rain pearled;

As hard as I may try I only see a few

Though none has caught my eye as beautiful as you…

I travel through ages, ages and ages more

Listening to the song, the universe’s score,

What I seek I know not, is it truth or freedom?

No. Neither. Oh Love, tell me where is thine kingdom!



Violet indigo carmine teal orange ivory red ebony


I have a million words

On the tip of my tongue,

Old, loud, beautiful chords

Just waiting to be sung,

Sadly they will all die

Upon my trembling lips,

– Unsteady, rocking ships,

Upon a stormy sea

That none but I will see –

As once more I shall lie

To cover up my heart,

Scared it would make us part

If you were now to learn

How much for you I yearn…

I could feel the tears well

Long before my heart fell.




Far from home I had flown,

Strangely I was not hurt,

I was in the desert

And thought to be alone

Bur there stood before me

In a young child’s body

The tallest, wisest man

That I have ever known.

He had travelled the span

Of universe unknown

To find the one answer,

The one from the old song,

– He wanted to know her,

For them to get along –

Of which song do you speak?

I asked to the blond boy,

The one that makes you weak,

The one that makes you coy…

He replied with a frown,

Perhaps recalling Brown,

The fox he had made friend,

The one who had shown him

That you can all surrend

On a pure, true heart’s whim.

I hope he kept the sheep

And that when he shall wake

He will with his rose weep;

Now he sleeps, said the snake,

And back home he has flown.

How he did not look hurt…

I was in the desert

Afraid to be alone

Now that lied before me

A young blond child’s body.


I cannot to this day

With pure certainty say

Who out of this pair wild

Was the adult, the child.


Doesn’t quite feel perfect but here goes…

I try to take to the sky


I try to take to the sky

But my body is heavy

And my wings are too weary

To take me up there and fly

So in mind I float up there

Far above the cold nether

And towards the stars I stare,

Soul free from any tether…

Whether dream or my own truth,

Illusion or sweet nightmare,

I bask in eternal youth,

On, evermore worse for wear.

Perhaps one day we shall meet

In this night and starry street,

Once, perhaps, my lips shall part

And tale you all of my heart,

Perhaps in another age

I will gather the courage

To finally make you see

All the world you mean to me…




Some say that the eyes are the windows of the soul,

Hers are as clear and intense as the deepest pool.

Dare I stare at them, before long possesses me

A desire so strong from which I cannot flee

Of diving in head first, fearless of my drowning.

In that wondrous gateway I see myself sovereign

A king by her own hand that she would be crowning,

Standing proud by her side under clear skies or rain.




O tempest tossed and flung about

As hellish winds howl all around

And rain drowns out the fearful shout

Stranding her lone soul on the ground,

A lost angel with broken wings

With nothing but her eyes to cry

Like a puppet whose master, wry,

Would have gone mad and cut the strings.

Be sure: once more will dawn her smile,

Her heart will learn to live again

Though not ere many a trial

And endless, desperate bargain…

She has been branded by nature

In ice and stone so long ago,

This beautiful, fragile creature,

Will no more run, neither forego.