I will wait for you



I’ll be waiting for you, always and evermore,

Might it even portend standing before death’s door.

Whether be day or night and skies clear or tempest,

Not bending nor breaking but enduring fate’s test,

Oh, for you my precious, all I will sacrifice;

Any effort or pain I would gladly bear twice

Whether it would yield fruit or simply be useless

Because my love for you is ever so boundless.



I love you, but I don’t know why,

I love your voice, your face, your thigh,

I adore your smile and your laugh,

Of you I can never get enough,


But why when everything seems high,

Does it all come crashing back down?

All around us only a frown,

As the end of us seemed to be nigh.


We love, we fight and we make up,

We sleep, we fly and we wake up

Yes I lie babe, sometimes I lie,

But I try, I swear I really try.


Forever yours as you are my,

We are meant to be together

Be it this world or another,

Where only the laws of love apply.

What if…


What if the sky was blue ?

What if the earth was round ?

And what if what I found

Was more than just renew ?

What if fire was hot ?

What if water was cold ?

And what if you I cannot

Let you go as I told ?

What if the sun was bright ?

What if the moon was pale ?

What if an eerie veil

Was lifted at your sight ?

What if the stars were yours ?

What if the night was young ?

And what if they were shining

Into your gorgeous eyes ?

What if we were to part ?

What if time eloped ?

What if I never stopped

Wishing with all my heart ?

What if the sky was blue ?

What if the earth was round ?

And what if I was bound

Forever to love you ?