Saturn at last


let the voyage be long

through the dark and the cold

let the stars howl their song

in the deepest silence

float this inky sea

slowly dripping ether

a lone forget-me-not

oh when passes the king

and finally crests the wave

I have dreamt of the wild

Saturn at last


such beautiful science

a letter in the post

a melting of all sold

an island off the coast

perhaps I am ici

or perhaps anywhere

and still I keep the knot

tying back to this thing

that I regret I gave

never thought it so mild

Saturn at last


three more to go

until the last unturned stone

two plus au plus tôt

and then I’m all alone

et quand j’étais petit

je rêvais d’un enfer

où toujours je pianote

remember the princeling?

how he came to engrave

the way my words are styled

Saturn at last


owe it to the how