One last ride


The sun is setting, the sea is calm,

I can feel the warm wind on my face,

Come on, let us ride off together,

Let us ride one last time, my brother!

Things are going to be different now

And I truly hope, friend, that somehow

You are where you belong, you are home,

Riding a stallion of oil and chrome.

I’d never thought this would end so soon,

We had finally just found our tune,

So many things left to see, to live,

So much more friendship and love to give,

Oh, it has not always been easy;

Since the beginning, a rivalry,

Full of races and daredevilry,

But we looked past it, friendship blossomed,

And in the end I’ve grown accustomed.

God! Look, now I am being cheesy…

We have had our share of ups and downs,

We have had our lot of tears and frowns,

We have seen many loved ones coming,

Sadly, too many of them leaving,

Life taught us one lesson worth knowing,

Family’s the most important thing.

So you may not be there anymore

But you will always be here with me,

No matter how many pass a day,

No matter, my friend, where you may be,

Whether ’tis a quarter-mile away

Or halfway across the world, or more,

Our bond will remain strong forever

After all, we’re family, brother!

It’s been a long day without you, friend,

I’ll tell you when I see you again,

The sea is calm, the sun is rising,

Ride with me friend, a new day’s coming.


“It’s never goodbye.”