Once more


“Once more into the fray”;

To stand, to lie, or fall, in the hope of a breath

Diluted in a world roaring about with death,

Towards morn we must hast, we ride until we ride

And welcome the morrow with a sunshine or hide,

Tis battle, tis our lives, a mantle of gory

Born by timid shoulders on this day of glory,

One more ultimate stand to the face of dear life

Although such seems unfair from husband to his wife,

This sword casts a shadow eclipsed by ages past

And this man a widow opened wide at long last.

Once more unto the breach – Up to this god we pray

Be it by hailfire or halo – May he sharpen our knives

And let our courage reach – Lead the weak hearts astray

And turn this ground hallow – Upon which red lips thrive…


May this cycle make you in anyway richer

And forget not to toss a coin to your witcher.

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