I know I must away for the sun has long set behind the hills,

However this night is one of those that nevermind my own

Keep shining beacons and blowing wind in my sails.

I feel above it all, up high into the heavens, light on my wings

Hovering at the top of a world of new and interesting,

Wherefore am I bound to today, I cannot say without a smile

Of merry curiosity even when in my heart of hearts,

In the waves of my soul, I know I must retire and rest

This weary body of mine. I bid you farewell my friend

Of today, enemy of tomorrow, I shall see you later

And perhaps we shall converse some more of the same

When I am better and whole again? Yes, whole again.

How else do you figure that I could soar so high up?

My wings are large but feeble, barelly enough to glide,

And they encumber me when walking among my own,

Yet would I give them up to run within the wind often?

Only the new shall say, the old is too hesitant to dare

He would regret too much those furtive, passing joys

Of wonderous colour and vivid tastes. Now, now, don’t fret,

This aged one shall go to bed, my dear, I’ll see you in the morn

I can promise you that – ah… the night may be getting older

But never so as me, and the day shall be young, and too I shall be free.

Sleep tight, dream well, and above all, come again to see me.


Ashley Eriksson – Island Song (Remix)

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